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Re: Theos-World Visualization

Sep 06, 2006 00:31 AM
by 'Cuervo'

 Adelasie -  Thank you for your comments. This quotation is from 
Katherine Tingley's book "Theosophy, the  Path of the Mystic".
(available from Theosophical University Press). Some of the other 
comments about 'visualization' in Theos-talk I find rather curious. 
AS I understand it in the Theosophical or also in the Vajrayana 
Buddhist context, 'visualization' or sometimes when the 
word 'imagination' is used, this is a purely MENTAL power. This can 
be found in the life, art and poetry for example of the 18th century 
English mystic William Blake. HPB's entire Esoteric Instructions and 
Inner Group teachings are based on mental visualization. Aren't the 
tables of correspondences set up to be mentally visualized ? I will 
also re-post the quote from HPB re her own personal 'envisioning' 


--- In, "adelasie" <adelasie@...> wrote:
> Dear Ken,
> Well, of course I would like to know who said this, as I coudn't 
> it any better myself. Certainly those who touch the hem of the 
> garment of truth have a great responsibility to maintain purity in 
> their own motives. But who can judge another in these matters? If 
> are afraid to allow the creative power to flow through us, we deny 
> one of our most sacred duties, that of carrying on the work of 
> who went before us. After all, as it is stated more than once, 
> is the enemy. Humanity is at a great turning point in its 
> Old forms are no longer adequate and new forms must be created. We 
> can trust our own Higher Selves to guide us, and if the individual 
> seeker finds that visualizing peace, love and brotherhood is 
> something he wants to do, more power to him. The more of us who 
> to begin creating a new reality for us all, the sooner the 
> Golden Age can appear on earth. 
> Adelasie
> On 5 Sep 2006 at 5:01, 'Cuervo' wrote:
> > The great trouble with the human race is that its members do not 
> > rightly value the imagination with which they are blessed. It is 
> > imagination, recognized as a liberating power, that produces the 
> > gems of poetry and art which we so much admire, and it is the 
> > properly guided by this power which will elevate us all. 
> > 
> > I do not believe in miracles, but I hold that the imagination 
has a 
> > wonderful and creative power. I hold that if we let it soar in 
> > world of spiritual and creative thought -- and are not afraid to 
> > it soar -- it can create what truly seem to be miraculous 
> > 
> > Yet the imagination, like all things, is dual. Along lower lines 
> > is as disintegrative in its power as it is creative and 
> > on higher lines. 
> > 
> > Visualize! Visualize! You touch a mystic law when you create in 
> > imagination the picture of mighty things, for you open a door to 
> > powers within yourself. Something in the way of potent energies 
> > awakened and called into life and strength both without you and 
> > within. If you aspire, visualize your aspirations. Make a mind-
> > picture of your spiritual ideals, a picture of the spiritual 
life as 
> > you know it to be, and carry that picture with you day by day. 
> > Cherish it as a companion. Carry it with you for breakfast, 
> > and supper, and before you know it a new life has been born. 
> > you know it the ideal has become the real and you have taken 
> > place as a creator, truly, in the great, divine scheme of life. 
> > 
> > ___________________
> > 
> > I thought it would be interesting to post this quote WITHOUT 
> > who wrote it in order to evaluate it on its own merits within 
> > current discussion. (of course it is written by an historically 
> > known Theosophist)
> > 
> > Ken
> >

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