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Re: Visualization

Sep 05, 2006 08:25 PM
by bta1012003


Thank you for the quote.  I do not remember anywhere in the ML, 
Voice of Silence, or the Secret Doctrine, where visualization 
practice is encouraged. If there were any, it is pretty isolated and 

It will be useful to differentiate visualization practices into two 
broad categories.  The first one aims at stabilizing the lower mind, 
exercises like picturing a flame or blossoming of a lotus in 
meditation. This is a tool some apply to strengthen the power of 
one's concentration.  

The second kind of practice aims at bringing in specific results 
with the use of the creative imagination, practices like picturing 
monetary abundance in one's life to peace on earth.  The drawbacks, 
I see, from this discipline is, 1. One is locked in presupposition 
of certain outcomes; 2.  It has the potential to block the unveiling 
of truth since one is consumed by what one wants to see;  3. One is 
still imprisoned by the five senses.  4.  One is adding more layers 
to one's illusion.    

For example, what if the world is not supposed to be peaceful at 
this time?  What if there is a reason and purpose to the unrest in 
the world, waiting for students to unlock its meaning?  If one is 
busy in visualizing what one wishes, how can one discover the 
truth?  These are just some of my questions.

Thank you



> The great trouble with the human race is that its members do not 
> rightly value the imagination with which they are blessed. It is 
> imagination, recognized as a liberating power, that produces the 
> gems of poetry and art which we so much admire, and it is the mind 
> properly guided by this power which will elevate us all. 
> I do not believe in miracles, but I hold that the imagination has 
> wonderful and creative power. I hold that if we let it soar in the 
> world of spiritual and creative thought -- and are not afraid to 
> it soar -- it can create what truly seem to be miraculous things. 
> Yet the imagination, like all things, is dual. Along lower lines 
> is as disintegrative in its power as it is creative and 
> on higher lines. 
> Visualize! Visualize! You touch a mystic law when you create in 
> imagination the picture of mighty things, for you open a door to 
> powers within yourself. Something in the way of potent energies is 
> awakened and called into life and strength both without you and 
> within. If you aspire, visualize your aspirations. Make a mind-
> picture of your spiritual ideals, a picture of the spiritual life 
> you know it to be, and carry that picture with you day by day. 
> Cherish it as a companion. Carry it with you for breakfast, dinner 
> and supper, and before you know it a new life has been born. 
> you know it the ideal has become the real and you have taken your 
> place as a creator, truly, in the great, divine scheme of life. 
> ___________________
> I thought it would be interesting to post this quote WITHOUT 
> who wrote it in order to evaluate it on its own merits within the 
> current discussion. (of course it is written by an historically 
> known Theosophist)
> Ken

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