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Re: Theos-World ; Time to reflect

Sep 05, 2006 05:10 PM
by Mark Hamilton Jr.

I too appreciated his long emails; they were always insightful. He guided me when I first arrived here, and gave me readings he recommended concerning my experiences.

I was shocked to find this happened.

-Mark H.

Melvy wrote:

Dear Gary,
Thank you for the suggestion. I am grateful for the gift of Dallas
in this life, a wise, loving and very giving spirit. I will miss him.

At 01:50 PM 9/4/06, you wrote:
>Within some Buddhists traditions, the friends and family sit with
>the body in reflection of their loved one for about three
>days. Since our good friend Dallas Tenbroeck just died on Saturday,
>may I kindly ask for a period of reflection and remembrance.
>Blessings to all of us,
>Gary B.
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