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Re: Theos-World Beyond Visualizations or Sounds

Sep 05, 2006 05:04 PM
by Gary Barnhart

Friends, Carlos, Adelasie,

Visualization goes on in the mind and is an ages old practice for concentration and focus to keep the monkey mind from jumping from tree to tree during meditation.  This practice is even being taught within the interreligious community under the name "contemplative practices".  Most of this is to silence the mind.  Also, very soft
and soothing music is excellent for a beginning meditation practice or even the first few minutes of meditation as it is soothing to the mind and body.

Eventually of course, a person needs to aim for no distraction whatsoever but the monkey mind is a tough little animal to tame, and some times it needs to simply run wild so that one can see just what comes up and how really wild the mind can be.
It is very interesting to be in meditation and all of a sudden something jumps up out nowhere, and you get to be an observer and sometimes ask yourself "where in the world did that come from".
A key to meditation is to never judge yourself or what comes up or the so called quality of your meditation.  Simply observe.
Another interesting aspect of meditation is that people find it to have healing aspects.  Old baggage or wounds get observed and healed.
 This is a great topic for theosophist to talk about, and to put into practice and so forth.

take care,
Gary B

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