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Re: Theos-World Beyond Visualizations or Sounds

Sep 05, 2006 03:47 PM
by adelasie


To each his own, in occultism as elsewhere. No student has the 
authority to tell others students how to proceed. No true student 
will accept another student's authority, especially when he or she 
knows there is a real authority to be sought, and found.

You speak of visualization as if it were something negative. To you 
perhaps it is. But to others it is a wonderful tool for continuing 
the Work theosophists have been given to do. If you are wary of using 
it, do not use it. There may be a very good reason for your 

Artists understand the worth of visualization, of the power of 
imagination to create anew. In the cyclic nature of manifestation, 
nothing is really all new, but we are continually re-inventing 
things. Perhaps we could agree to allow each student to make up his 
or her own mind about such subjects, realizing that each has a unique 
point to hold, and none need try to do the work of another.


On 5 Sep 2006 at 11:15, carlosaveline wrote:

> Dear Barbara, dear friends, 
> Thanks. 
> I tend to agree with your message below. 
> We could also discuss the usefulness of spiritual music as a tool for meditation and sel-knowledge.
> Someone said years ago: 
> "Music, spiritual as it may be in some cases, still belong to one of the five senses, though at a lofty or elevated level -- and the aim of the effort is clearly  beyond the five senses, be them literal or non-literal, low or elevated". 
> So, visualization, spiritual as it may be in some cases, still is a form of vision,  and therefore it depends on one of the five physical senses, whether literally or symbolically.  
> The Occult is Occult because it is beyond sound or sight. 
> Of course, visualizations are no jokes. They will make a difference, and often a dangerous one, especially if personalized,  or addressed to personalities. 
> Used out of the right context,  or without common sense and wisdom, visualizations will be much more part of the problem (illusion) than part of the solution (liberation from illusion). 
> As to those who want to take a step ahead, I guess there is scarcely anything better than taking the practical measures necessary to the natural 
> --  I repeat, natural --   awakening of Buddhi-Manas.  These steps are related to the Prajna-Paramitas described in "The Voice of the Silence".  It is also described in "The Golden Stairs" and several other places, as it does not depend on words.   
> Best regards,   Carlos. 


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