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Let's get real about our friend.

Sep 04, 2006 05:43 PM
by Gary Barnhart

Dear Daniel and friends,
May I be so bold as to suggest we just cease the lessons for a few days and instead give some tribute to our departed friend.  So I'll begin. 
I have a couple regrets, there is more I wished to hear from Dallas and I saw in some of his recent emails that he closed "with love" or "love".  I knew his health was a battle and I thought about emailing him back and Saying : I love you my friend and I did not do so. Some how I sensed he knew he could depart any time and he was still being his careful self.  He didn't want to make to much out of personality as he realized it's temporariness so I tried to keep things impersonal as well.  Sometimes I really got a kick out of those looooong emails, while at the same time appreciating his insight.
I also appreciate his wife Valerie because by her caring for Dallas, she was helping him to help us.  
Thanks for listening.
Gary B.

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