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Theos-World Re: Visualization

Sep 04, 2006 03:14 PM
by bta1012003

Hi friends:

I am following the thread on visualization with interest.  This is a 
subject I have filed long time ago under the I-do-not-understand 
category.  The practice of visualization is very prevalent among 
many philosophical and psychological disciplines.  I hold the 
position that it is best to develop discernment in order to 
penetrate the veil of Maya.  Visualization exercises are 
impediments, exacerbating the strength of our illusions, even though 
at times they are motivated by altruistic concerns and lofty ideals. 
But, because we are bound, thus, our visualized hopes are bound by 
our own limitations.  It is best to learn to see truth and practice 
living truth, bringing in the energy of truth into the world.  
Whenever I raise questions about the practice of visualization, the 
response I usually get is along the line how powerful is our 
imagination, a fact I never dispute, and how we can help the world 
with creative imagination.  But so far, I have not yet found a 
satisfactory answer that addresses the point - why create more 
thought-forms that add more layers to our illusions.




> Could someone please supply the original quote from WQJ regarding 
> visualization please? I must have missed it somehow.
> Thanks,
> Adelasie
> On 2 Sep 2006 at 7:30, Mark Jaqua wrote:
> > Re: Visualizaing masters
> >   
> > Dan says: "Think about it!"
> >   
> > - I Have thought about it.  It didn't 
> > seem right and made me a little ill 
> > the first time I saw it, and still 
> > does.  There is a lot of esoteric 
> > material throughout Blavatsky's and 
> > the MLs, and I doubt there is anything 
> > else SPECIFICALLY about visualization 
> > as a spiritual practice (beyond what 
> > is needed in mental work in general.)  
> >

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