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Carlos and the Truce

Sep 04, 2006 01:19 PM
by danielhcaldwell

Dear Carlos,

Again look at your comments below.

You want to talk about Theosophy apparently as you see
it. Fine.  Do it.

Last time I checked:  Jake, two other Theos-Talk posters and myself 
were commenting on certain KH extracts and Jake's comment about them 
being phoney.  I didn't say they were phoney!!

If this subject matter is not your cup of tea or somehow makes you 
feel uncomfortable, I suggest you start your own series of postings 
on your favorite Theosophical subject.

But if Jake and the other two people want to continue to discuss the 
subject matter we are posting about, then please let us have our 

It seems to me that the issue that Jake initially brought up is of 
extreme importance to many Theosophical students and actually goes 
to the heart of a number of related issues.

As far as I know, I have not done anything to violate in anyway the 
truce I said I would abide by.  And I suggest you carefully think 
about and maybe even consult your own intution and the Higher Self 
and ask if you are now violating the truce FOR NO GOOD AND VALID 


> Daniel,
> If you want to talk about frauds, well, why not starting with the 
ones you commited?  
> Otherwise, let's talk about Theosophy.  Why not coming back to the 
> Best regards,  Carlos. 

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