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Sep 04, 2006 12:44 PM
by carlosaveline


Phenomena, seeing Mahatmas, getting letters from them, etc., were part of the childhood of the movement. 
The Mahatmas are perfectly capable of inspiring deserving people without having to appear to them visually, be it physical or astral. 

One of the least mentioned means is in the first impressions after waking up in the morning (a Mahatma mentions that in the "Mahatma Letters"). 

Also, of course, Mahatmas' inspiration may occur through dreams (without any need for Them to appear in the dreams, or for lay disciples to remember the dreams). This is well-documented in Theosophical literature. And the most used form is simply through the insights one may have as one observes things and Life more deeply. 

Now,  there is absolutely no need for phenomena, name-identification, or personalization /anthropomorphisation of the Teaching. It is usually the lower quaternary that gets enthusiastic about these things. 
Regards, Carlos. 

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