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Issue brought up by HPB has nothing to do with Hodgson/Harrison controversy

Sep 04, 2006 12:35 PM
by danielhcaldwell

Carlos brings up the Hodgson/Harrison issue in
relationship to what HPB herself wrote about
the Mahatma Letters in the pages of LUCIFER.

As far as I can tell, the issue brought up by
HPB in the following words has little if any thing
to do with the Hodgson/Harrison controversies concerning
the Mahatma Letters.

First HPB's key words:

"...We have been asked by a correspondent why he should not 'be
free to suspect some of the so-called 'precipitated' letters as 
being forgeries,' giving as his reason for it that while some of them
bear the stamp of (to him) undeniable genuineness, others seem from
their contents and style, to be imitations...."

Hodgson's contention was that the Mahatmas did NOT exist ... period 
[were ficitional in other words]...and that HPB and Damodar had 
written the letters and pretended that they emanated from such 

The contention given by HPB's correspondent is totally different.
The existence of the Mahatmas is not in question.

It would appear that HPB's correspondent believed in the reality of 
the Masters. But said corespondent thought that although SOME of the 
occult letters from the Masters were undeniablely genuine, OTHERS 
apparently from the same source - seemed based on their CONTENTS and 
style - to be imitations, that is phoney....(I use Jake's word here.)

As far as I can tell the issue here is totally different from what 
Hodgson and later Harrison wrote about.

Therefore, I believe HPB's words on this subject are very much 
relevant to the issue of "phoney" KH letters brought up by Jake on 

Simply ponder on the situation in 1888-1889-1890 concerning the KH 
extracts under discussion and consider the following statement by 
HPB in the article in LUCIFER:

"For all that the recipient of 'occult' letters can possibly know, 
and on the simple grounds of probability and common honesty, the 
unseen correspondent [Koot Hoomi] who would tolerate one single 
fraudulent line  in his name, would wink at an unlimited repetition 
of the deception."

Yet Jake is contending (in effect) that phoney KH letters were in 
existence during HPB's life time, available in her esoteric school, 
and that two of her most trusted disciples W.Q. Judge and Julia 
Keightley believed in these phoney letters and even published 
portions in THE PATH (for the public to read! this while HPB was 
still alive!!) and in an E.S. Instruction full of HPB's own inner 
group teachings and issued after 1891.

Food for thought...


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