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Carlos and the Reality of the Situation

Sep 04, 2006 11:40 AM
by danielhcaldwell

Carlos writes:

One should remember that all ES papers were NOT meant to the public, 
or to the average, unaccompanied student as illusions are a terrible 
danger. Also they were never meant to be discussed in the Internet, 
a public vehicle among people who scarcely know each other.

But the reality of the situation is as follows:

The BULK of the ES papers has been in print and available to
the public since 1897.

Again the ES Instructions are now an integral part of H.P.
Blavatsky's COLLECTED WRITINGS.  This was a decision made by
Boris de Zirkoff. (My understanding is that most ULT associates were 
very much against this decision.)

Again these ES papers are now an integral part of the CD-Rom
produced and distributed on a world wide basis by the TS Philipines.

Therefore to try to close the barn door after the horses are already 
out is silly and foolish and simply will accomplish nothing.

Again the Internet/WWW is simply a tool and will not go away.....and 
can be a useful tool for students to share their views and insights.

Therefore students of Blavatsky's writings who are interested in the 
ES papers should not be afraid to read this material but of course 
should use some caution, commonsense, and seriously take to heart 
the advice and warnings given by HPB in her ES Papers, in THE VOICE 
OF THE SILENCE, etc. and in what the Masters write in their letters, 

See also:  

The Publication of HPB's Esoteric Papers


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