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Re: Theos-World Adelaise: Here's the quote

Sep 04, 2006 08:16 AM
by adelasie

Thanks, Mark,

I am a bit puzzled by the controversy. What is it you find wrong with 
the advice that the student imagine the Master as a living being 
within? While it is certainly true that the student has the right to 
accept or reject any teaching that seems incorrect to him, this 
particular statement seems very consistent with the body of teaching 
of theosophy.

The power of visualization is closely connected with the mystery of 
creation. Elsewhere, Judge said, "Consciousness is everything." 
(paraphrase) What we think will come to pass. If we wish to create 
world peace, for instance, we can create in our imagination a vision 
of that condition. 

When we accept the Unity of all Life (fundamental precept of the 
Ancient Wisdom) we find that all life dwells within each entity. The 
center of every entity, be it planet or star or sun or atom, is the 
same center. The Master is the Higher Self, the spiritual Father of 
the material child. Recognizing and reinforcing awareness of that 
fact by means of visualization can help the student realize his goals 
of living up to his own highest ideals.


On 4 Sep 2006 at 5:25, Mark Jaqua wrote:

> Adelasie: Here's the quote:
>    In Esoteric Instruction No. V (BCW 12, p. 696) 
> Judge is supposedly quoting KH (to himself?):
>     "Your best method is to concentrate on 
> the Master as a Living Being within you.  
> Make His image in your heart, and a focus 
> of concentration, so as to lose all sense 
> of bodily existence in the one thought."


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