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Adelaise: Here's the quote

Sep 04, 2006 05:26 AM
by Mark Jaqua

Adelasie: Here's the quote:
   In Esoteric Instruction No. V (BCW 12, p. 696) 
Judge is supposedly quoting KH (to himself?):
    "Your best method is to concentrate on 
the Master as a Living Being within you.  
Make His image in your heart, and a focus 
of concentration, so as to lose all sense 
of bodily existence in the one thought."
     This statement strikes me as 
wrong and out of character, and I 
think it is phoney, however that 
may come about.  THUSFAR, NOBODY 
  IS IT? I don't have the book 
Dan referred to.
    Like Carlos says, the most 
important thing is the higher 
principles of Theosophical philosophy.  
Everything else, psychology, etc., 
is secondary in importance without 
these most important guiding lights.  
One can get carried away into all 
sorts of avenues without them.
      On whether or not one should 
ever "throw someone out of one's 
heart."  I'm only saying in the 
affirmative in the worse of situations.  
It's humanly and psychologically 
impossible to be "supporting" someone 
when they are figuratively (or actually) 
swing a ball bat at you.  Some also, 
unconsciously to themselves, perhaps, 
and one never knows for sure, have 
already chosen to be an enemy in 
essence of everything Theosophy 
stands for and any good effort.  
Ultimately, of course, every being 
that still has a soul has the same 
source as you do.  Some where in 
the MLs it says an adept has to 
be able to separate himself from 
someone - perhaps - who may have 
propelled himself into avitchi 
state.  Maybe one has had a good 
relationship once with someone who 
went irredeemably bad, and reaped 
the consequences.
 Sorry to hear that Dallas 
has passed. Boy... right to the end.  
He was doing Theosophy work in India 
when the British raj was still in 
power.  A salute! to his life, and 
appreciative farewell.
             - jake j.
<4b. Re: Visualization
    Posted by: "adelasie" < 
 <   Date: Sat Sep 2, 2006 5:37 pm (PDT)
  <Could someone please supply the original quote <from WQJ regarding 
<visualization please? I must have missed it <somehow.

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