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Re: [bn-study] unfortunate news

Sep 03, 2006 01:43 PM
by leonmaurer

May Dallas be remembered by all of us for his great heart, profound wisdom 
and unwavering devotion to the cause of theosophy.   He was an understanding and 
kind friend that we all will miss...   And, I know that his spirit will find 
peace in company with the ascended masters and adepts before him who have 
devoted their incarnate lives to spread broadcasting the teachings of theosophy, 
while pointing the way for us to achieve self realization through our own self 
devised and self determined study and effort, so that we may be better able to 
help and teach others.   
I offer our most heartfelt gratitude, on behalf of myself and his fellow 
student-associates, for the help that Dallas had selflessly given to me and others 
of like mind, in this and other forums and study groups, these many years he 
has been among us.   
Again, thank you Dallas.

Lenny Maurer

In a message dated 9/2/06 8:42:59 PM, writes:

> There is some unfortunate news to report.
> Dallas Tenbroeck is no longer with us.  He  passed on about 24 hours
> ago.  I do not know the time more exactly than that.  I do not know any
> more details than that.
> He was the mainstay of this list for sharing Theosophical information.  He
> has helped many people around the world.  He fought for Theosophy with
> vigor up until his last hours.  He was an inspiration for us all.
> He will be missed around the world.
> Dallas was a true and faithful servant - a warrior of light.
> Now his task in this life is over.
> Thank you Dallas.
> Reed

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