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Re: [Mind and Brain] More arguments in behalf of a hybrid reality where the empirical & the conceptual become one seamless unit.

Sep 02, 2006 03:31 PM
by leonmaurer

John, here's some added comments to answer your questions, if I may...

In a message dated 8/15/06 5:43:58 AM, writes:

> A little remark: IMO "before and after the Big Bang" does not make sense, 
> since time (as a space-coordinate of change, or space: as time coordinate of 
> change) was not identified "before" the Big Bang - which expression per se is 
> senseless eo ipso.
Actually, I consider the Big Bang instant of change -- starting from a pure 
zero-point of near infinite latent energy consisting of abstract motion or non 
linear angular momentum, i.e., "spinergy," or rotation on an infinite number 
of axes at infinite velocities of whatever root Space that zero-point IS -- as 
the first moment of instantaneous inflation to infinite circumference of the 
finest gossamer spiritual substance between a previous sleeping universe and a 
subsequent awakening one.   That first moment of change cannot be any shorter 
or longer than the singular triple Mobius spiral cycle of that original spin.  
 See my more or less humorous picture of this at:  
Also, see how that initial circle of spin emanates in three cycles from the 
zero-point spinergy:
So, there has to be a before and after, even in the infinitesimal moment of 

I know how difficult it is to wrap our minds around such an infinitesimal 
circle of what to us is "empty" space, prior to the Big Bang (which is not 
anywhere near the smallest possible zero-point of what might be considered as 
"Absolute space") -- or how hard to imagine the time it takes to complete one circle 
of that triple spiral spin.   However, I consider that initial "zero point" 
of this smallest aspect of our universe to have an infinitesimal but still 
dimensional diameter that is beyond all comprehension by our larger diameter 
zero-point of individual consciousness (which diameter would be even smaller than 
the Planck distance between the quantum particles).

Therefore, the ultimate division of Time in our physical universe, is not 
anywhere near the shortest division of time in the mother space this Cosmos is 
born from... That, in itself, is infinitely divisible as well as infinitely 
expandable.   And, therefore, both timeless and eternal, from our sub quantum 
zero-point of view.   Of course, this is where even the most perceptive people get 
completely lost, so I won't go any further. :-)   Although, anyone capable of 
perfect concentration in deep meditation could easily "see" and verify all 
this.   Of course I realize that such realization could carry no weight as 
scientific proof. (That is, until science is ready to accept subjective evidence on 
an equal par with objective evidence.)
>  *
>  To the 'zero point' you like to mention: if there was "in it" anything that 
> could start something, it was not zero point. If there was "in it" 
> something, where did it come from to achieve even the status of being callable 'zero 
> point'? 
That ZPE, or "something" that started everything in our space time continuum, 
is explained above as the "spinergy" or positive and negative (attractive and 
repulsive) G-force of the Cosmic zero-point "singularity" -- whose total 
potential energy must be at least equivalent to all the mass-energy, including 
both dark and luminous matter, as well as dark or luminous energy that the post 
modern physicists speak of (without knowing just what they are talking about 
:-).   IOW, it is the "spinergy," not the zero-point itself, that is the root of 
substance, from the spiritual on down through the mental and astral, to the 
physical fields of the metric space time continuum and all the things in it. 
Hope this clears things up a bit. 

As an added note; Consciousness (awareness-will) at the actual zero-point 
itself has to be empty of everything, in order to experience something.   How 
else could one detect and discriminate between pure white to perfect black in 
such fine increments of shade, color and tint? Not to mention detecting the 
finest nuances of music, touch, taste and odor?   How else can we apply the exact 
degree of willful intent so as to control the finest movements of the body -- 
such as the motions of a highly trained artist's brush or pen to paint or draw 
a single hairline from one near zero-point to another in continuously guided 
motion, to exactly replicate the image in the mind?

Best regards,
Leon Maurer 

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