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Re: Visualization, Judge's Diary, G. Knoche

Aug 31, 2006 08:22 AM
by Mark Jaqua

Re:  Visualizing Masters, Judge's Diary, Grace
         Thanks to Daniel for the information - source 
of quote BCW XII, p. 696.  I still think it is a wrong 
practice, or not explained sufficiently, and dangerous.  
If it didn't "just slip by Judge," I think Judge is wrong.  
Is a facsimile of the original instruction online?  I 
don't like the idea of visualizing in general.  When 
we are in a world of illusion, why create more illusion?  
'Also think it is a big mistake to put too much weight 
on Judge's or anybody's personal diary.  Who knows
what anything might mean, they are just notes to 
oneself, or keys of things to think about.
        John's article - no. 26 in Word Puzzles on 
Wisdomworld - is a good one.  Psychology as 
"the science of the soul" - exactly.  One BIG thing 
that psychologists will never use and thus have 
only half of the picture, is the fact of external 
influences on the mind such as elementals, etc.  
To be effected, two factors are involved - inner 
complex and tendency - Plus the effects of 
outside entities, unself-conscious as elementals 
usually, and with different degrees of consciousness.  
Most psychology is just political and economic 
and social - "get the work-machine going again - 
none of this inner values and phenomenom trash.  
Make a gregarious and economically productive 
machine that causes no social waves - use pills 
to do it if necessary, and that's all there is to it. " 
Your social worker psychologist is generally as 
deep as a mud puddle and equates Political 
Correctness with psychological health.   When 
I was in a hospital for a couple of weeks 5 years 
ago (broken bones, etc.), one tried to keep me 
from being released because I owned guns and 
she said I was "homicidal."  One conselor I knew 
in the 80's said that part of her training was that 
all the trainees had to sit around in a circle 
performing self-abuse - to break down "insincerity" 
and make them "open" to each other. (told to me 
second-hand, but knew the person.)  Its a dangerous 
mad-house, where many are incarcerated and 
drug-imprisoned for healthy reactions to society 
and unpopular opinions.  Doctors have police-powers 
for one's unpopular viewpoints.  Murders, drug-
lobotomies and maiming take place on a regular
basis.  Its general policy on "troublesome" people,
and there are thousands of nurses, Drs., counselors, 
police,and anybody unbalanced, criminal in nature,
and with agendas or craziness, who want to screw 
somebody up for personal reasons, - supervised 
by no one.  ---- I think Jung was a real psychologist, 
even tho he didn't understand or like Theosophy.
         Grace Knoche got a lot of good literature 
published and wasn't after material profit, as one 
can see from the low cost of TPH's books and that 
they put them freely online.  But....  They did edit 
some of Purucker's writings (Fundamentals of the 
Esoteric Philosophy, for one), The Encyclopedic 
Theosophical Glossary was ready for publication 
about 1942, and never published (Emmett Small 
and others were going to publish it, but Grace and 
Long personally walked in an stole their copy from 
the offices, with wheel-chaired Karen Heck guarding it
- I have a letter from Small on this).  Three cheers for 
the Encyclopedic Glossary being on line now, but it 
too has been edited, and not merely on science material.  
(I compared some previous publication in Theosophical 
Forum, with current entry.)  .....All 50 years ago - but the
majority of Point Loma members of value (I think) got 
KICKED OUT of Grace's guru Long's society.  Long said 
that he was protecting them from doing more harm to 
themselves and creating further bad karma (for objecting 
to Him, I take it.)  Getting Kicked out killed Henry Edge.  
 I don't think there are too many people in the Society 
anymore, and not the culprits involved in all this previous 
mess.   On the former antipathy between ULT and Point 
Loma, Endersby (Theosophical Notes) was a staff writer 
for ULT's Theosophy magazine in the 20s, 30s, and 
40s(?), and he was one former ULT member who 
developed a rather high opinion of Purucker, and was 
friends with many former Point Loma members.
                                  - jake j.

Stay in the know. Pulse on the new  Check it out. 

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