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Re: Mercury Error

Aug 31, 2006 06:01 AM
by Mark Jaqua

Re:  Mecury Error

    I said that Mercury always keeps the 
same face to the sun, which is wrong.  
They thought this was true until 1965 
when it was discovered that Mercury 
rotated once every about 59 days, or 
just about 2/3s of its revolution period 
of 88 days.

       Our moon of course always keeps 
the same face to the earth.  In Theosophy 
the Moon is held to be a dead planet or 
shell of a former planet from a previous 
manvantara, and also that we are eventually 
absorbing it, or receive mostly nasty 
emanations of some sort (I think Gurdjieff 
says this too for some reason.)  There's 
some supporting evidence for this in 
that the moon's side facing the earth 
is much smoother and eroded-appearing 
than the far side, which has much 
rougher terrain, mountain peaks, etc.  

         - jake j.

Ancient and Modern Physics

      <For people interested in science, one 
theosophist has a little book online with an 
<unusual science paradigm - "Ancient & Modern 
Physcis," Thomas W. Willson, gutenberg 
<ebook no. 10773.  He was the "information-guy" 
and librarian for a newspaper for about 30 years.  
>The copy of I have was a gift by Canadian Roy 
Mitchell to someone, (Mitchell's "The Exile of 
>the Soul" is a great book) so he must have 
thought highly of it.  It was originally serialized 
in "The Canadian Theosophist," and then 
>published by the Blavatsky Institute in 1926.

>        One thing I remember about it is that 
>Willson has some explanation for the reason 
that some moons and planets (Mercury and 
>our Moon) always keep the same face to the 
>body they are orbiting.  It seems about 
impossible that this would be so without some 
>force holding them in place,  as just the 
smallest amount of random rotation would 
>give them Some relative spin at least, if even 
once every year or a 100 years, but they don't 
>at all.

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