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Dr. Stokes on the Letters of Judge to Tingley

Aug 30, 2006 06:28 PM
by danielhcaldwell

Dr. Stokes wrote:

I have before me the originals of five letters of W.Q. Judge to 
Katherine Tingley, all in his handwriting, in which both the 
signs "X" and "13" were used in addressing her.  These were loaned 
to me from the personal file of Mrs. Tingley [now in the archives of 
the Theosophical Society, Pasadena] and are browned with age and in 
part broken along the folds and mended.  The contents of these 
letters I am not permitted to quote, though it may be said that they 
deal mainly with current theosophical affairs, both trivial and 
important, and indicate that the writer was in the habit of taking 
Mrs. Tingley into his confidence.  They are as follows:

1.  Written in pencil, undated, addressed to "X" and signed "" 
(Aries), "" (Jupiter) and a Sanskrit initial "J".   The Jupiter sign 
was used by Judge in writing to Hargrove (see his series of Judge 
letters in 1932-3 Theosophical Quarterly). One of the Judge-Hargrove 
letters were signed with a Sanskrit "J" (Theosophical Quarterly, 
Jan., 1932, page 245).  Judge also used the Aries sign at times (see 
his letter to "Dear Purple" in Oct., 1932, CRITIC).

2.  Written in ink, dated "Nov. 12/94" and addressed to "D X", 
unsigned and with pencil notes said to be in Mrs. Tingley's writing.

3.  Written in pencil, dated "Nov. 15/94" and addressed to "Dear X"; 
signed " " and "Prince" and bearing a pencil note said to be in Mrs. 
Tingley's writing:  "Letter of W.Q.J. to Purple."

4.  Written in ink, dated "Jan. 11" [1895] addressed to "Dr. X" and 
signed "".  It refers to his trip to Chicago and Cincinnati and 
evidently linking on to his letter to "Dear Purple" dated "Jany 5th" 
and published in the October, 1932 CRITIC.

5.  Dated "Monday," addressed to "Dear X 13" and unsigned.

In another article, Dr. Stokes summarizes:

...In fact, if the reader could have the opportunity of reading the 
personal letters of Judge to Tingley referred to above, he would see 
that, to paraphrase what the U.L.T. says of Crosbie:

"During all the troublous period 1893-6 Katherine Tingley shared to 
an extent unknown and undreamt of by others (if we except Robert 
Crosbie!) in the burdens and the confidence of Mr. Judge." (with due 
allowance regarding the earlier date.)...

This material from Dr. Stokes has been quoted from the following
two sources:


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