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Julia Keightley on Mrs. Tingley & Mr. Judge

Aug 30, 2006 06:13 PM
by danielhcaldwell

Julia Campbell Ver Planck (later Mrs. Archibald Keightley), who was
a trusted associate of William Q. Judge and a well known writer
under her pen name "Jasper Niemand" (1), wrote in 1896 the following
about the relationship between Mrs. Tingley and Mr. Judge:

". . . It is well known to members of the Inner Council in America
and Europe that the present Outer Head [Mrs. Tingley] has for two
years past assisted Mr. Judge in the inner work of the School as his
associate and equal. Some of these Councillors were doing important
work under her directions, and by the order of Mr. Judge, for some
time before he passed away. The present Outer Head had the entire
confidence of Mr. Judge and has that of the Council. The Council,
composed of members in America and Europe, is in entire harmony and
unity on this point, and especially those members of it who were in
close touch with H.P.B. during her lifetime. I have lately met, in
America, (2) with some hundreds of Esotericists, and I have not met
a single one who would not agree to what I say here. . . . For
myself, I may say that as early as June, 1894, Mr. Judge told me of
the standing of the present Outer Head in the school, and spoke of
her work at that time and for the future. I am one among several to
whom he so spoke himself. Of his appointment of the present Outer
Head there is absolutely no doubt; and there is also no doubt of her
entire ability to fill that appointment; or of her right to it; or
that it came from and was directed by the Master. . . . " Italics
added. [The Search Light (New York), Volume I, May 1898, p. 30.]


(1) Jasper Niemand was the compiler of the two volumes of W.Q.
Judge's Letters That Have Helped Me. Theosophical University Press
describes these volumes as follows:

"Volume 1 compiled by Jasper Niemand; Volume 2 compiled by Thomas
Green and Jasper Niemand. . . . The first, published in 1891,
consists of letters written by W. Q. Judge ('Z') to a friend and co-
worker, Mrs. Julia Campbell Ver Planck ('Jasper Niemand'). The
second volume, compiled after the death of the author [Judge],
contains letters and extracts from his letters written to a number
of people in different parts of the world."

Theosophy Company has also reprinted this material.

(2) Julia Keightley and her husband Archibald Keightley visited
America in April 1896 to attend the Convention of The Theosophical
Society in America. See The Lamp, May 1896, p. 155.



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