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C. Ramiah : "...I perceived the sublime and glorious form of the Mahatma...."

Aug 29, 2006 11:41 AM
by danielhcaldwell

In 1884 in the pages of THE THEOSOPHIST, C. Ramiah wrote:

" day, while in prayers, I perceived a ray of light of golden 
hue shine within me, and as I followed it, it grew in intensity, and 
the golden hue was diffused all over in me. It did not however stop 
here, and it extended itself to the whole earth, and even went 
beyond it, lighting up as far as the mind's eye can reach or 
comprehend. In this light I perceived worlds moving and all sorts of 
matter and human and other forms moving in this ocean of light. The 
vision was splendid to behold, and after a lapse of about five 
minutes the light gradually contracted itself to the original single 
ray, and in the light which it diffused, I perceived the sublime and 
glorious form of the Mahatma [Koot Hoomi]. I must, however, add here 
that so long as this ray of light of golden hue was seen by me, 
neither the clouds, nor the intensely strong light with variegated 
colors, nor unsteadiness of light, disturbed the vision."

See the full account which is in two parts:


Food for thought.


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