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With the appearance of the Radiant Form of the Master within....

Aug 29, 2006 10:57 AM
by danielhcaldwell

Kirpal Singh writes as follows:

The practitioner, when he shuts his physical ears, gets rapidly 
absorbed into the music. It is a common experience that though light 
can catch the eye, it cannot hold it for very long and has no very 
magnetic quality about it. But with music it is different. He who 
hears it in silence and stillnes, is drawn irresistibly, as it were, 
into another world, a different realm of experience. And so the 
process of withdrawal that begins with simran, is stimulated by 
dhyan, and is rapidly extended by bhajan. The spiritual currents, 
already moving slowly, are carried upward, collecting finally at the 
third eye--the seat of the soul. The spiritual transcending of 
physical consciousness, or death in life, is thus achieved with the 
minimum of effort and travail. 
When students of the other forms of yoga reach the state of full 
physical transcendence after a long and exacting mastery of the 
lower chakras, they generally assume that they have reached their 
journey's end. The inner plane at which they find themselves--the 
realm of Sahasrar or Sahasdal Kamal, often symbolised by the sun-
wheel, the lotus or the multifoliate rose--is indeed incomparably 
more beautiful than anything on earth, and in comparison appears 
timeless. But when the student of the Surat Shabd Yoga succeeds in 
rising above physical consciousness, he finds the Radiant Form of 
his Master waiting unsought to receive him. Indeed, it is at this 
point that the real Guru-shishya or teacher-student relationship is 
established. Up to this stage, the Guru had been little more than a 
human teacher, but now he is seen as the divine guide or Gurudev, 
who shows the inner way: 

The feet of my Master have been manifested in my forehead, 
And all my wanderings and tribulations have ended. 
                                                      GURU ARJAN 

With the appearance of the Radiant Form of the Master within, 
No secret remains hidden in the womb of time.


    Under the guidance of this Celestial Guide the soul learns to 
overcome the first shock of joy, and realizes that its goal lies 
still far ahead. Accompanied by the Radiant Form and drawn by the 
Audible Life Current, it traverses from region to region, from plane 
to plane, dropping off kosha after kosha, until at last it stands 
wholly divested of all that is not of its nature. Thus disentangled 
and purified it can at last enter the realm where it sees that it is 
of the same essence as the Supreme Being, that the Master in His 
Radiant Form and the soul are not separate but One, and that there 
is naught but the Great Ocean of Consciousness, of Love, of Bliss 
ineffable. Who shall describe the splendor of this realm? 

Quoted from:
The Crown of Life:  A Study in Yoga

Compare the above with the following quotes in THE VOICE OF THE 
SILENCE.  See selected quotes at:



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