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Meditating on the Form of the Master or Guru

Aug 29, 2006 10:45 AM
by danielhcaldwell

Visualizing or meditating on the Form of the Master or Guru
is common in many Eastern traditions - Hindu, Buddhist, Sikh,
Radhaosoami, etc.

Below is just one extract from the Sikh tradition. Hundreds of 
different quotes could be given.

Some scriptures prescribe the fixation of the inner gaze on the 
facial form of the Master, so as to make the mind stable. But you do 
not have to meditate on the flesh and bones of the Master's face, 
but on something shining forth through it. The face, especially the 
eyes and the forehead, constitute the seat for the full play of the 
spirit of the Master. Hence, to meditate upon the Master's eyes 
prepares a soul for the dawn of Divinity, by imbibing His Nature. 
This helps the devotee a good deal. As you think of the Master, you 
rise in the Master Himself. As you think, so you become. 

The form of the saint shines forth in full effulgence. The sages and 
the seers live in the timeless One and are fit to be meditated 
upon. --Sarang M.5

    The Master's form is the nearest approach to Divinity, for He is 
the Son of God. One who doth not know the Son, cannot know the 
Father. Therefore, it is said: 

Meditate on the Form of the Master. 
Take His words as Gospel truth; 
Let the footfalls of the Master resound in the recesses of your 
The Master is the Infinite, bow thou unto him. --Gond M.5
Think of the Feet of the Master in your heart; 
By constant remembrance of Him, you will cross the ocean 
  of illusive matter. --Gond M.5 
By meditating on the Form of the Master, thou shall be honoured both 
  here and hereafter. --Gond M.5

Remember the True Master within yourself, and with the tongue 
  repeat the Word given by the Master. 
With the eyes visualise the Form of the True Master, and with the 
ears hear the Holy Naam--the Eternal Song. 
He who is saturated within and without in the True Master, 
  the Word Personified, gains a seat of honour in His presence. 
Nanak saith, on whomsoever the Lord showers His grace, 
  He bestows this state. 
But few be the chosen ones, who obtain this gift. --Gujri War M.5


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