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Phoney Quote on Visualizing masters?????????

Aug 29, 2006 09:36 AM
by danielhcaldwell

Jake writes:

I think the following from Dan is a phoney quote,
or something altered or added to the second-hand quote
in the Judge Esoteric Instructions he takes it from
(BCW v12, I think). (You got somebody's goat on that
one.) If it isn't a phoney quote, I think it is just
wrong - not thinking anyone should visualize something
INSIDE one's self, and also... what if one is tricked
and visualizes some nasty character he thinks is a

Readers should know that Jake is referring to the
following quote:

"Your best method is to concentrate on the Master as
a Living Man inside you. Make his image in your heart 
and a focus of concentration so as to lose all sense of bodily
existence in the one thought. . . ."

This quote which Jake considers as possibly "phoney" can be found
in Boris de Zirkoff' edition of H.P. Blavatsky's COLLECTED WRITINGS, 
Vol. XII, p. 696.

The quote is found in E.S. INSTRUCTIONS, No. V which is signed at 
the end with the name William Q. Judge.  See p.712 in Vol. XII.

On page 696 the quote in question is introduced with the words:

"And so with regard to concentration the Blessed MASTER
Koot Hoomi writes:...."

So is Jake suggesting that Mr. Judge palmed off this "phoney"
quote on members of the Esoteric School? 

Or that Mr. Judge was somehow mistaken about the origin of this 

This very quote and other extracts from K.H. are  found at the end 
of Mr. Judge's own personal diary for Oct-Dec. 1888  which is 
preserved in the archives of the Theosophical Society (Pasadena).  I 
have seen and studied this material in the archives.

Furthermore, Julia Keightley (a trusted co-worker of Mr. Judge's)
paraphrases this same quote in the pages of Mr. Judge's THE PATH.

Therefore one could conclude that Mr. Judge and Mrs. Keightley 
believed the quote originated with the Master K.H.

Furthermore, there are documents that would lead one to believe that 
this quote and other material emanating from Master KH was also 
given to members of HPB's Inner Group in London in 1890-91.

One version of this material I refer to can be seen at:

Notice that in this material WARNING is ALSO given by K.H.:

In the first place, try to put yourself in such a state as not to 
feel anything that happens to the physical body, in fact to separate 
yourself from your body. If in this attempt you feel anything, any 
foreign influence coming into you from outside, break off the 
concentration at once.

Your best method is to concentrate on the Master as a Living Man 
inside you. Make his image in your heart and a focus of 
concentration so as to lose all sense of bodily existence in the one 

During concentration, one must make oneself as positive [resistant] 
as possible to spooks and all astral lower influences, but as 
negative [receptive] as possible to the influence of the Master.  

The idea of the Master will prove the best influence against spooks, 
etc. The effort is far more dangerous for psychics than for others 
because their bodies are much more sensitive and attract more 
various other powers of nature. 

Some of this material above is ALSO summarised and paraphrased in 
one or more article by Julia Keightley in the pages of THE PATH for 
1889 and 1890.

Interested readers can also look in the Theosophy Company's edition 
of LETTERS THAT HAVE HELPED ME, p. 164.  This section contains 

One gleaning reads on page 164:

The image of the Master is the best protection against lower 
influences; think of the Master as a living man within you.

—September, 1890

The above Theosophy Company quote is taken from one of Mrs. 
Keightley's articles appearing in the Sept. 1890 issue of THE PATH.

In the above quote, you see Mrs. Keightley is paraphrasing the so-
called "phoney" quote.

Also one should keep in mind what Mrs. Keightley had said previously 
in The Path (New York), July 1889, pp. 102-103:  

"...let us read some remarks from an Oriental adept which came into 
our possession many months ago."  

And she then quotes other material which is attributed to KH in Mr. 
Judge's 1888 diary.

Even in the same Theosophy Company's edition of LETTERS THAT HAVE 
HELPED ME, p. 161, one finds the following material quoted from the 
August 1890 issue of THE PATH:


[An adept writes:]

Before you can become an occultist you have to give up every 
prejudice, every earthly liking, every feeling of preference for one 
thing over another. It is easy to fall into Black Magic. The natural 
tendency is to Black Magic, and that is why several years' training 
is necessary to cut away every source of prejudice before power can 
be intrusted to you. An Adept must entirely separate himself from 
his personality; he must say, `I am a power." A Black magician 
prepares to do mischief without giving a thought to whether it will 
harm others. A deed of kindness done with partiality may become 
evil, e. g., by stirring up animosity in the mind of others. It is 
necessary, when acting, to lose all sense of identity and to become 
an abstract power. Justice is the opposite of Partiality. There is 
good and evil in every point of the universe, and if one works, 
however indirectly, for one's own partiality, one becomes, to that 
extent, a Black magician. Occultism demands perfect justice, 
absolute impartiality. When a man uses the powers of nature 
indiscriminately with partiality and no regard to justice, it is 
Black magic. Like a blackleg, a Black magician acts on certain 
knowledge. Magic is power over the forces of nature, a. g., the 
Salvation Army, by hypnotizing people and making them psychically 
drunk with excitement, uses Black magic. The first exercise of Black 
Magic is to psychologize people. To help a sick person is not black 
magic, but no personal preference must guide you.

When the 6th race reaches its close there will be no more Dugpas 
(Black magicians). A Dugpa may become converted during life at the 
expense of terrible sufferings and trials. On the astral and psychic 
planes the Masters are always stronger than the Dugpas, because 
there good is stronger than evil. But on our material plane evil is 
stronger than good, and the Masters, having to exercise cunning if 
acting on this plane, which is contrary to Their natures, encounter 
great difficulties and can only palliate evil effects. in powers not 
good there is absence of good but not presence of evil, and the 
higher we go, the more does evil become the absence of good. Only by 
following the absolute sexless unity can the white path be trodden.

—August, 1890

If one goes to THE PATH one sees that this is another article by
Mrs. Keightley.

And this material just quoted as coming from an adept is to be found 
in Mr. Judge's 1888 diary referred to earlier.

One can reasonably conclude that both Mr. Judge and Mrs. Keightley 
were giving this material out to Theosophical and Esoteric students 
and attributing the material to an adept or the Blessed MASTER Koot 

Much more could be said about this but I will close for now.


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