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Re: Visualizing masters

Aug 29, 2006 07:01 AM
by Mark Jaqua

Re:  Visualizing masters

     I think the following from Dan is a phoney quote,
or something altered or added to the second-hand quote
in the Judge Esoteric Instructions he takes it from
(BCW v12, I think).  (You got somebody's goat on that
one.) If it isn't a phoney quote, I think it is just
wrong - not thinking anyone should visualize something
INSIDE one's self, and also... what if one is tricked
and visualizes some nasty character he thinks is a

      Dallas's quotes on psychology/ Patanjali has a
few good points, but leaves me dry as far as any real
psychological insight or understanding.  Just what
does that stuff actually mean, practically - its still
Philosophy and not practical psychology.  Probably it
was written by the ULT writer Garrangues, who was a
big brain and astute student, but doesn't seem to me
much of a practical psychologist - I don't think he
had results from the axiom "Man, Know Thyself."  I
don't doubt one bit that practical psychology can be
correlated with the 7 principles, and seven
sub-principles, and this would be an extremely
valuable study - but no one yet has done it.  The best
practical psychology in Theosophy and Invaluable keys
is found in the MLs and Blavatsky's writing on pledge

                             - jake j.

<Master Koot Hoomi once wrote: 

<"Your best method is to concentrate on the Master as
a Living Man 
<inside you. Make his image in your heart and a focus
<concentration so as to lose all sense of bodily
existence in the one 
<thought. . . ." 

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