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Re: Theos-World Re: Jesuit Philosophers

Aug 28, 2006 06:48 AM
by Gary Barnhart

Dear Mark and friends,

Anthony de Mello is a wonderful example of a person who grew beyond and taught beyond his labeled station in life.  I have personally given several of his books to some young people who were brought up within christian teachings in order for them to begin expanding their mind about metaphysical teachings.

Anthony passed on wonderful buddhist and sufi and hindu sayings and stories.
Anthony is a great illustration of the difficulty and danger in  our applying labels so that if anyone is identified with that label we sometimes tend to jump to assumptions and conclusions about them.

It is not surprising to find that Anthony was rebuked or condemned by the pope and catholic hierarchy.  From reading Anthony's writings this becomes easily understandable.  If opportunity allows, I will share more of the stories and sayings that Anthony passed on.  Once one sees and hears these then perhaps you may become confident that what has been pointed out is true.

If we knew that one of the participants on this theosophical discussion site is an ordained clergy to what assumptions and conclusions might we jump too?  And how many of those may be erroneous?

Best regards,
Gary B.

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