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Re: [bn-study] Re: chicken and egg

Aug 27, 2006 12:58 PM
by leonmaurer

Good thought, Dorothy.

But, I didn't write that statement you quoted.   

I was quoting someone else to add the idea that eggs are also produced by 
dinosaurs and other precursors of chickens along the chain of physical evolution. 
  Ultimately, the first chicken appears out of mutated birdlike raptor egg.   
Thus, the egg must precede the chicken.   However, the question is actually 
an intentionally paradoxical metaphor or a koan designed to get us to think 
about and discover for ourselves, the real nature of reality and understand the 
distinction between consciousness, matter, space and time.

As for "the Creator" -- there is no such thing separate from the primal root 
of the universe itself.   This Absolute zero-point of consciousness surrounded 
by abstract motion or angular momentum we now call G-force or "Spinergy," 
could be considered the "egg from which the universe emerges."   But, even though 
everything is inherent in that primal beginning (tai chi) "laya point" or 
universal egg -- wouldn't it require a previous universe to lay it?

We must remember not to confuse the noumena with the phenomena.   The 
substantial chickens and eggs that we use as metaphors in the original question of 
"which came first?" are actually physical phenomena.   

However, if we consider that the noumenal model of the chicken is "imaged" in 
the Astral, and thus, in the universal egg or primal laya-point itself (which 
is timeless) -- then, in actual reality, nothing can be first or after, 
earlier or later... Since, past, present and future are all there together -- as 
the eternal NOW at the primal beginning (and ending) -- which is everywhere and 
nowhere throughout all (ONE) absolute and relative space-time.   But, when we 
consider any action or phenomena limited to a particular plane or field of 
consciousness, we must respect the linearity or extension of both time and space 
relative to that plane or degree of substantiality.

I hope this leads to a better understanding of the true nature of reality.


In a message dated 8/27/06 12:50:48 PM, writes:

> On 8/25/06, <> wrote:
>   ..........Although cosmic ideation may be graphically represented as a
> > germ, egg, or embryo, with respect to activity upon the plane of matter,
> > eggs do not produce eggs, chickens do!  ..................................
> Actually The Creator, or whatever you want to call IT, creates the chicken
> and the egg. Isn't Shiva supposed to represent the  Egg from which the 
> universe
> emerges? For that particular system anyway. Is Kabalah, this Egg is
> the Seed from which all forms evolve. And everything that is, always
> was, anyway. So everything is First or Nothing is First.
> Just a thought.
> Dorothy

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