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RE: 6th sub-race

Aug 27, 2006 08:06 AM
by W.Dallas TenBroeck

26  8  06		

		RE  6th, 7th Races ROUND 4,   and later ROUNDS

Harry  See the summary here  (end for later ROUNDS)



                    Rounds and Races

As a preliminary to the study of the Rounds and the Globes and Races as put
forward in the Secret Doctrine we 
First, the student (and, that is all of us) has to grasp the "3
FUNDAMENTALS" of the Secret Doctrine,  Vol. 1 pp. 14 to 18.  On that depends
the understanding of the rest of its science.

 Human evolution is MIND development.  This is to be understood -- that is
what is traced in the SECRET DOCTRINE by the history of the ROUNDS,  GLOBES,
and RACES, Sub-Races, etc....  The student has to grasp the idea of the
IMMORTALITY of the HUMAN SOUL/SPIRIT.  We, each one of us, are essentially,
those same INDIVIDUAL and immortal Soul/Spirits.

Then an understanding of the 7 PRINCIPLES of NATURE (Kosmos) and of MAN
(Microcosmos) has to be grasped.  The best text for that is THE KEY TO

The student has to realize that the law of KARMA operates all the time for
the great and for the small without deviation and without any compromise.
It gives exactly back what it receives.  It is the undeviating tendency in
the entire UNIVERSE to develop PERFECTION in each of its uncountable UNITS

Then there follows the application of the 7 PRINCIPLES to each of the GLOBES
which has to be done, and this I attempt to sketch below.

Without those preliminaries, the whole exercise that he has set to himself
will be incomprehensible.  The information that the SECRET DOCTRINE gives
will be found not to contradict modern Scientific discoveries, but to
supplement and illuminate them.  It supplies many of the "missing-links" in
Science.  it is also true, that if we attack and seek to destroy it with the
theories of Modern Science (even as they have become modified since the days
of HPB 125 years ago)  we will end in confusion, for Theosophy does not bend
to suit the hypotheses of Science.

The 1st Vol. of the SD deals with KOSMOS and the basis for the evolutionary
SCHOOL that is our Earth and in which we work and return "day after day" as
we reincarnate.

The 2nd volume of the  SD deals with GLOBE D, of our 4th ROUND.  On it
MANAS/mind develops.  This GLOBE D has 7 Races of which only 5 have so far
manifested.  "Race" is not an ethnic division, but a PERIOD OF TIME.  

The 1st Race is called the that of the "Imperishable Sacred land."
The 2nd, is the 'Hyperborean."
The 3rd is designated the "Lemurian."
The 4th, is the "Atlantean, and
The 5th is our the "Aryan (Noble) Race" and is said to be about 1 million
years old.

Cycles overlap.  The Aryan race has its roots in the remnants of the older
Atlantean sub-races.
Some physical types even descended from the Lemurians and the
Lemuro-Atlanteans are still to be found as physiological and ethnical
remnants scattered here and there -- but most of these are dying out.

The physiological heredity is only one aspect of Theosophical "heredity."
In addition there is the "mental," and the "spiritual" heredity to be
considered.  This is spoke of mainly in Vol. 2 of the  S D.  The roots of
the "spiritual" and "mental" heredity are spoken of and outlined in Vol. 1,
but far more details are given in Vol. 2.

To make the ROUNDS, GLOBES, RACES simpler let us consider that we are
dealing with periods of TIME.

Let us consider:   7 "weeks" of  7 "days," and that in each day there are 7
"hours" and each "hour" lasts for 7 "minutes."
The ROUNDS can be said to correspond to the "Weeks."  Each week is complete
in itself.
The GLOBES correspond to the "days" of the Week -- and are repeated each
week.  If we should endow each day with a particular quality or "influence"
we could say that the same type of influence is to be felt by the beings
that  re-enter those "days" each week in succession.  Or, in other words
there are certain duties or responsibilities to be done for each Monday, and
those are different for each Tuesday, and so on.... to the end of the Week
-- when a new "Week" or ROUND begins.
The HOURS correspond to the "Races" as measures of time.
The MINUTES correspond to the "Sub-races" in a shorter time period.   


I would say that his primary difficulty is that he has not disentangled the
Rounds and the Races from the GLOBES.  This is what I understand HPB to say:

GLOBES:  See diagram SD I 200.    HPB places in the Left Hand side of the
diagram the 7-fold 
arrangement of the GLOBES.  These may be described as STATES OF
CONSCIOUSNESS and also they represent STATES OF MATTER.

A ROUND is the passing of the "life-wave" through the 7 GLOBES once.  


The ONE SPIRIT when it emanates a fresh Universal manifestation (the
reincarnation of the one that "died" earlier) and the Worlds on which
human-minds develop appear go through a regular process of gradual
materialization.  [ NOTE: from SD  I  152 she provides corrections  to
Mr.Sinnett's "ESOTERIC BUDDHISM" in which this subject was first advanced,
based on the MAHATMA LETTERS.  By the time we get to SD  I  p. 200 we have
found out that  each

ROUND consists of a passing through the experiences of the 7 GLOBES one

RACE is arbitrarily used to signify a period of time (1/7th of the total
spent on any one GLOBE).  It is not any of the ethnic "races" we know of,
and designate today as white, black, yellow, red, brown, etc..  This is
purely a designation of skin color and has nothing to do with the Mind or
the spiritual development of the Real man that lives within such bodies
provided by the Karma of physical heredity.


The "first ROUND" is highly spiritual and very little is said of that.  It
corresponds to ATMA 
( Man's highest "principle" -- a "ray" of the ONE SPIRIT).  Universally, it
is THAT in which all beings bathe.  It is a Universal Principle, it is not
material, but it may be looked on as a "spiritual substance" as it enters
into relationships with matter as that part of the MONAD that is undergoing
evolution through that process.  -- This remains to be explained and HPB
does this in several places in the SD.  

[ NOTE:  ==  In study, one has to use the INDEX TO THE S D, and make an
accurate record of what HPB states in these matters -- that is the only way
to learn.  The ideas that people have culled (including mine) ought to be
reviewed most carefully, to see if they agree with what HPB writes there in
the S D.  

But Nature does not work that way.  It is in constant motion and the only
thing that is entirely STABLE is SPIRIT, and in EACH OF us it is the RAY OF
THE SPIRIT -- ATMA that is our stability.  It is the PERCEIVER IN ALL STATES

[ NOTE -- So you will see, from the outset the student/inquirer is asked to
become familiar with the 7 Principles of both Man and Kosmic Nature.  [ See
SD II 596, 592, 613;   I 157;  in the 
KEY TO THEOSOPHY see pp. 91-2, 135-6, 175-6 and the intervening discussion
-- there are no "short-cuts" to this process of study, or if we attempt
them, we will put false information out.  But our understanding of man's
evolution, of the blending of Spirit, matter and mind, depends on this
understanding.  ] 

The whole [ ROUNDS-GLOBES-RACES ] scheme revolves about a thorough
understanding of that  [the SEVEN "principles" or qualities of NATURE and of
MAN. ]   

Next is the idea that man's mind can be perfected by the careful study of
Nature's workings.  
[ NATURE ALREADY CONTAINS ALL, and IS ALL. ]   Science uncovers the facts
and truths and laws that are already embedded in living Nature.  We, each of
us, is an intimate part of that Whole, and we depend on it for our living.
Hence, in theosophy brotherhood and a knowledge of the LAWS OF NATURE is
deemed to be of primary importance. ]

THEOSOPHY is the record of the study of Nature and her workings that has
proceeded for aeons and has been supported by the united efforts of all
scholars, prophets and seers down the ages.  It is a UNITARY SYSTEM, and all
its many details have not only been recorded, but, as changes occur in the
progress of evolution, those changes are being recorded by and for us.  Our
Scientific and other discoveries form a part of that process.  It is
universal.  Every intelligent thinking being participates in this, though he
or she may be unaware of it.  The record of observation is imprinted on the
imperishable record of the ASTRAL LIGHT in its highest level, called AKASA.

One may say that the Highest of Atma-Buddhic Beings live and work on this
1st GLOBE (or plane) in the 1st ROUND.  It is "one-removed" from SPIRIT.  [
In the SD Vol. I pp 207-8 we are given a glimpse of such a Being and his
purpose for existence and work.  In ancient philosophy he is referred to as
Brahma-the Manifested -- or as Adi-Buddha -- the first or Highest BUDDHA.

The 2nd ROUND is a little denser.  It corresponds to BUDDHI -- Wisdom, and
it is there that the permanent record of the "past" is kept.  In this round
the foci and denser aspects of manifestation are formed as basis for the
spiritual impulse to directly work with a denser form of matter:  the AKASA.
The wisdom,  rules, laws and experience of previous Manvantaras
(evolutionary periods) is recorded again, as a basis for the development of
this one.  [ In every reincarnation of the Human Soul, a similar process is
undergone prior to the development of the physical fetus. ]  One may say
that the Dhyani Buddhas, are the beings that operate in the formative
creation in this particular round and on this ethereal/akasic aspect of

The 3rd ROUND is still denser.  It corresponds to MANAS -- the
Mind-principle.  This is the active creative aspect of Nature and also of
our being as minds, as humans.  In this ROUND the responsible BEINGS that
guide the patterns of evolution re-study the Laws and records of the "past."
They plan for the future of all the many levels of development in this
Manvantara.  Kosmically, they have the responsibility of acting to draw
together the various foci where Man-bearing Worlds will form around the
Stars in the Universes.   

[ NOTE:  It should be noted that there is an almost perfect correspondence
between that which takes place Kosmically, or in a solar-system, on a
man-bearing Earth, and in regard to the reincarnation of every human-soul.
Nature is economical and highly regulated in these matters as it is
constantly being found out. ]

It is in the period of the 3rd ROUND that the  Wise Beings we call the
Jnanis (also spelled Gnyanis, Gnanis, Dzyans, etc...) assume greater
responsibility for human evolution.  Mankind, as mind-beings are on the
lowest level of the evolutionary ladder that culminates in the mental
perfection of these Beings.  One might say that  the Manasa-Buddhas, the
Bodhisattvas, and the Dhyan Chohans are the many kinds and types of
INTELLIGENCES  that work on this plane in designing and laying out the
patterns of mental development that will encompass the planning aspect of
manifestation.  [ It should be grasped that the mental stage is a condition
of awareness that has to encompass every aspect of learning and evolution.
To do this one has to draw on all the information that deals with the core
of ones' self, as well as the core and purpose of the Universe.  Theosophy
offers such a system, and it claims it is based on the work of many millions
of students and many millions of years, and that the records of that
research are available and condensed into the book the SECRET DOCTRINE,
which is only an introductory  to the whole system. ( see SD I 272 - 3 ) ]

 Thus, in the 4th ROUND, the "fire" of Mind, (called "Fohat") now begins
operation and his many "sons" begin to participate in the active
organization of those centers of force on the material planes that will be
needed to eventually bring forth "sheaths" or "vehicles" in the next Rounds
for all kinds of evolving consciousnesses to use:  such as the mineral,
vegetable, animal, and human forms.

It must be understood that during these first 3 ROUNDS the impact of the
development of these various powers and formative actions has been active in
drawing together the unconscious "Monads" that form the enormous reservoir
of "matter."  

When, at the last Pralaya (dissolution, or "death" of the previous Universe)
all aspects of organization passed into a "sleeping stage," the center of
force that every speck of "matter" is, went to "sleep."  Now, "re-awakened,"
they are helped by the great INTELLIGENCES--by Mind-Beings-- to resume their
work and position in the new evolutionary cycle.

The 4th ROUND marks a merging of these two separate, yet united aspects of
evolution.  It  is referred to in general as the "involution of SPIRIT into
"matter; and the "evolution of Matter into "Spirit..  That evolution which
began from the material side of manifestation joins and is now melded
intimately with Spiritual involution by the junction of the 3rd line of
evolution [ SD I 181 ] the INTELLECTUAL, or the MIND aspect of that whole.
This is represented by Humanity taken as a great Wave of Intellectual life
for which the time of active development has arrived.

It is the MIND principle that enables the communication of conscious
intelligence between SPIRIT and MATTER.  From understanding evolves
knowledge and form that wisdom -- which is the voluntary assistance in
Nature's universal development.

ROUND 4th sees the addition to the MIND (Manasic) aspect of evolution of
those MONADS that,  in the animal kingdom, have reached the point where
their consciousness (instinct) can be lit by the FIRE OF MIND.  [  Myth of
Prometheus, eating of the "Apple of the Tree of wisdom--of "good," and
"evil," etc... all religious literature has something similar implying that
the power of CHOICE is the significant (motivational aspect) of the
acquisition of the POWER TO THINK and to REASON -- to Ratiocinate. ]

The Mid-point of this 4th ROUND is on GLOBE  D  -- and the "4th Race (or
mid-point) of Globe D".  At this point the "LIGHTING UP OF MANAS (mind)"
occurred, the chronology of the "Secret Doctrine" says this was a little
over 18 million years ago.  [ see SD I 150fn, 247,  II 69, 254-5, 
272 ]

ROUND 5th will face us after the last GLOBES of this, the 4th Round are
passed through -- we have the rest of the 4th, 5th, 6th and 7th GLOBES of
this ROUND to complete -- in these a brief sketch shows that the development
of the MIND-principle will develop its knowledge, then its wisdom and
finally a concept of its universal responsibility, as successively, the
"Manasic-5th, "Buddhic-6th," and "Atmic-7th" "GLOBES" are experienced.

ROUND 6th repeats the process and in this one BUDDHI as an active aspect is
developed on all aspects of the intelligences and "matter" that experiences
this round through its 7 GLOBES.  The mind is now able to embrace the entire
record of the Past, perceive the Laws of Nature in their entire series of
correlations, and begin to anticipate the future as Karma is seen directly
in its many operations.

ROUND 7th will see the Atmic --- or Universal qualities -- develop and
mature to their fullest extent in mankind.  The noble qualities of
compassion, brotherhood, assistance, service to all beings, etc... as
universal and impersonal necessities of existence and living will be
perceived and the final choice of the Man-Mind that is becoming perfected
will present itself:  You will find this described in the last 4 or 5 pages
of HPB's THE VOICE OF THE SILENCE -- to choose the selfish isolation of
"Nirvana," or to chose to assist in the educational and developmental aspect
of  Nature's program. 



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Hi, Dallas--

My wife and I took two new enquirers to our lodge meeting today, and in
the course of discussion mention of the 6th sub-race of the 5th RR came
up.  I said I remembered a reference to its forming particularly in Baha
California, but I don't remember where I saw that reference.  Does this
ring a bell with you?  If so, where did I see it?

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