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RE: [bn-study] RE: Subject: Re: Skandhas

Aug 27, 2006 06:57 AM
by W.Dallas TenBroeck

8/27/2006 6:38 AM


Dear Friend:


Every Human mind has free will and innately, due to the power of the Mahatma
within [ATMA-BUDDHI]. the power to choose for right (virtue) or wrong (vice
and selfishness) is actually exercised all the time.  Thus we build our own
personal Karma.






i found this article to be highly interesting.  this did contain vital
information. i just wanted to put my point of view that...why are still some
theosophy member / persons involved in logics and mere explanations just to

this is accurately not the time to speculate things.  


well, i admire if this so called theosophy group could be creating a small
difference...well it is to be truly appreciated .but........  kind alarm is
that, please,,,,, its is just that you are not wasting time, but losing it. 


please know that these are areas of truth.... but higher than this i cannot
still be capable of instilling the right attitude to you,,,, if you do not
understand this. i say this in the interest of all of those (letters ) who
still are in grasping the science of knowledge in terms of language, mere
beliefs, logics, etc. please, it is important that you know that such things
can contribute to be huge penalties in the process of true wisdom. let truth
reach all.

thank you one and all.




 I am not sure I understand your warning.   


Can you give some example to , make it clear ?



What "group ?"


What does "belief" consist in?  


Does not pure logic and VIRTUE always apply?


What in any man is the "chela?"  


Is it not the "Lower Mind" - the KAMA-MANAS" which is now trying to purify
itself of false and VICIOUS (selfish) ideas and notions?


Let us e as clear as we can.  TRUTH  is for ALL.


We are immortal MONADS engaged on an eternal Pilgrimage, seeking for TRUTH,
and in the meanwhile, are we not also seeking to discipline our lower selves
(Kama-Manas) by making honest and brotherly [VIRTUOUS]  choices, as we live
in the here and now ?


Best wishes,





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From: venkat harry 
Sent: Thursday, August 24, 2006 6:43 AM
Subject: Re: Skandhas


On Tue, 22 Aug 2006 WDallas TenBroeck wrote :
>8/22/2006 7:16 AM
>           RE: Subject: Re:      Skandhas
>Zakk -- as a preliminary let me take a liberty;
>Please allow me to bring our talking into the forum as I think others who
>know more than I do will have useful ideas to contribute to both of us ?
>Dear Zakk:
>I am sorry but because of my health, I cannot engage in a long debate on
>various meanings.
>To make things brief for me: I try to use key ideas and see if the words
>used by various writers can agree with those key ideas.  I draw these "key
>ideas" from THEOSOPHY .
>Let's take the idea (see another post I made this day)
>2     EVERY "LIFE-ATOM" OR MONAD is a potential Mahatma --it takes
>millions of years and many incarnations. But the MONADS are immortals. all
>of them.  They are evolving together in a regular plan that takes them
>through 7 great stages. [ see S D  I  157;  S D  II 596 ]
>3     This very wise (almost omniscient) spiritual being [ATMA-BUDDHI]
>resides in each "atom -- or MONAD " of the universe ( and that is entirely
>crowded with these).
>4     Every human being is endowed with an active ATMA-BUDDHI MONAD and it
>contacts earthly affairs through the medium of our psycho-mental "SELF" --
>our "Lower Manas," the "brain-mind" of this incarnation.  In doing this,
>Divine Innate Being may temporarily loose any concept of it real status. [
>D II  167].
>During life our Karma serves as an educator and nudges us to perceive the
>plan and laws of the Universe, and of itself, as it is a death-less
>component thereof.  The next step in the progress of the MAN-MONAD is to
>becoming a GREAT SOUL [ a MAHATMA ]
>5     Karma is a universal, impersonal, wholly just and rigid LAW.  It
>requires that all disturbances be readjusted to simplicity and honest
>unselfish existence with the rest (high or low) .  It treats all MONADS as
>brothers -- inasmuch as they all originate simultaneously when "Evolution"
>reawakes the entire UNIVERSE to simultaneous, conscious activity,
>6     WE, humans have reached as MONADS the stage of mind-consciousness
>where our free will can choose to rectify the past, to unlearn when
>necessary, and to install the active capacity of "right choice" and make it
>operative in all our affairs, including thoughts, feelings and actions.
>There  is no omnipotent GOD anywhere but internally to each of us.  No
>prayers to an imaginary "outside or heavenly God" can operate.  No
>consistency has ever been proved in this idea -- as a uniform law that
>operates fairly for all.


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