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; Aug. 27, Todays Quote

Aug 27, 2006 06:23 AM
by Gary Barnhart

"Yet, if the "Doctrine of the Heart" is too high-winged for thee, if thou needest help thyself and fearest to offer help to others -- then thou of timid heart, be warned in time:  remain content with the "Eye Doctrine" of the Law.  Hope still.  For if the "Secret Path" is unattainable this "day,"  it is within thy reach "to-mor-row."  Learn that no efforts, not the smallest -- whether in right or wrong direction -- can vanish from the world of causes.  Even wasted smoke remains not wasted not traceless.  "A harsh word uttered in past lives is not destroyed, but ever comes again."  The pepper plant will not give birth to roses, nor will the sweet jasmine's silver star to thorn or thistle turn.''

[from VOS, p36-37]

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