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RE: [bn-study] Re: slayer

Aug 26, 2006 04:46 PM
by W.Dallas TenBroeck

8/26/2006 4:32 PM

Dear Gopi:

Please, in the light of what you write (below) compare the definitions you
offer with those HPB presents on behalf of the Mahatmas.  See  S D  I  157-8
and S D  II  596;  



(having an “inaudible WILL”, i.e. pulsation)

All grows and develops and strives towards perfection on the…planes of
externality, or, as well said by a philosopher is—“ever becoming”; but on
the ultimate plane of the spiritual essence all IS, and remains therefore
immutable. It is towards this eternal Esse that everything, as every being,
is gravitating, gradually, almost imperceptibly, but as surely as the
Universe of stars and worlds moves towards a mysterious point known to, yet
still unnamed by, astronomy and called by the Occultists—the CENTRAL

There is but one MAGNET in the universe, and from it proceeds the
magnetization of everything existing.  This magnet is of course what the
kabalists term the central Spiritual Sun, or God.  The sun, moon, planets,
and stars he affirmed are highly magnetic; but they have become so by
induction from living in the universal magnetic fluid — the Spiritual light.

“Every Buddha meets at his last initiation all the great adepts who reached
Buddhahood during the preceding ages . . . every class of adepts has its own
bond of spiritual communion which knits them together. . . . . The only
possible and effectual way of entering into such brotherhood . . . . is by
bringing oneself within the influence of the Spiritual light which radiates
from one’s own Logos. 

I may further point out here . . . . that such communion is only possible
between persons whose souls derive their life and sustenance from the same
divine RAY, and that, as seven distinct rays radiate from the ‘Central
Spiritual Sun,’ all adepts and Dhyan Chohans are divisible into seven
classes, each of which is guided, controlled, and overshadowed by one of the
seven forms or manifestations of the divine Wisdom.” 
		S. Row


The Rosicrucian theory, that the whole universe is a musical instrument, is
the Pythagorean doctrine of the music of the spheres.  Sounds and colors are
all spiritual numerals; as the seven prismatic rays proceed from one spot in
heaven, so the seven powers of nature, each of them a number, are the seven
radiations of the Unity, the central, spiritual SUN.

“Happy is he who comprehends the spiritual numerals, and perceives their
mighty influence!” exclaims Plato.  And happy, we may add, is he who,
treading the maze of force-correlations, does not neglect to trace them to
this invisible Sun!

Far from us be the thought of the slightest irreverence — let alone
blasphemy — toward the Divine Power which called into being all things,
visible and invisible.  Of its majesty and boundless perfection we dare not
even think.  It is enough for us to know that It exists and that It is all
wise. Enough that in common with our fellow creatures we possess a spark of
Its essence.  

The supreme power whom we revere is the boundless and endless one — the
grand “CENTRAL SPIRITUAL SUN” by whose attributes and the visible effects of
whose inaudible WILL we are surrounded — the God of the ancient and the God
of modern seers.  His nature can be studied only in the worlds called forth
by his mighty FIAT.  His revelation is traced with his own finger in
imperishable figures of universal harmony upon the face of the Cosmos.  It
is the only INFALLIBLE gospel we recognize.

May the pulsing of vital matter in the central Sun of our System be the
source of all that life which crowds the earth, and without doubt
overspreads the other planets, to which the Sun is the mighty Minister?. . .
Occultism answers these queries in the affirmative; and Science will find
this to be the case, one day.

The Occult Sciences…say that it is the sun, and all the suns that are from
it, which emanate at the Manvantaric dawn from the Central Sun.

The lotus flower, represented as growing out of Vishnu’s navel—that God
resting on the waters of space and his Serpent of Infinity—is the most
graphic allegory ever made: the Universe evolving from the central Sun, the
POINT, the ever-concealed germ.

Though the seventh principle reaches man through all the phases of being,
pure as an indiscrete element and an impersonal unity, it passes through
(the Kabala teaches from) the Central Spiritual Sun and Group the second
(the polar Sun), which two radiate on man his Atma.  

Group Three (the equatorial Sun) cement the Buddhi to Atman and the higher
attributes of Manas, while group Four (the spirit of our visible sun) endows
him with his Manas and its vehicle—the Kama rupa, or body of passions and
desires, the two elements of Ahamkara which evolve individualized
consciousness—the personal ego.  Finally, it is the spirit of the Earth in
its triple unity that builds the physical body, attracting to it the Spirits
of Life and forming his Linga Sarira (astral body).

The Spirit, beyond manifested Nature, is the fiery BREATH in its absolute
Unity.  In the manifested Universe, it is the Central Spiritual Sun, the
electric Fire of all Life.  In our System it is the visible Sun, the Spirit
of Nature, the terrestrial god.  And in, on, and around the Earth, the fiery
Spirit thereof—air, fluidic fire; water, liquid fire; Earth, solid fire.
All is fire—ignis, in its ultimate constitution, or I, the root of which is
O (nought) in our conceptions, the All in nature and its mind.  Pro-Mater is
divine fire.

The secret teachings with regard to the Evolution of the Universal Kosmos
cannot be given, since they could not be understood by the highest minds in
this age, and there seem to be very few Initiates, even among the greatest,
who are allowed to speculate upon this subject.  Moreover the Teachers say
openly that not even the highest Dhyani-Chohans have ever penetrated the
mysteries beyond those boundaries that separate the milliards of Solar
systems from the “Central Sun,” as it is called.  Therefore, that which is
given, relates only to our visible Kosmos, after a “Night of Brahmâ.”

“The Central Sun causes …to collect primordial dust in the form of balls, to
impel them to move in converging lines and finally to approach each other
and aggregate.” (Book of Dzyan). . . . . “Being scattered in Space, without
order or system, the world-germs come into frequent collision until their
final aggregation, after which they become wanderers (Comets).  Then the
battles and struggles begin.  The older (bodies) attract the younger, while
others repel them.  Many perish, devoured by their stronger companions.
Those that escape become worlds.”

Fire is Æther in its purest form, and hence is not regarded as matter, but
it is the unity of Æther—the second manifested deity in its universality.
But there are two “Fires” and a distinction is made between them in the
Occult teachings.  The first, or the purely Formless and invisible Fire
concealed in the Central Spiritual Sun, is spoken of as “triple”
(metaphysically); while the Fire of the manifested Kosmos is Septenary,
throughout both the Universe and our Solar System.

Esoteric philosophy maintains that during the Sandhyas (rest periods), the
“Central Sun” emits creative light—passively so to say.  Causality is
latent.  It is only during the active periods of being that it gives rise to
a stream of ceaseless energy, whose vibrating currents acquire more activity
and potency with every rung of the hebdomadic ladder of Being which they

…none of the ancients, the sun-worshippers included, regarded our visible
sun otherwise than as an emblem of their metaphysical invisible central
sun-god.  Moreover, they did not believe what our modern science teaches us,
namely, that light and heat proceed from our sun, and that it is this planet
which imparts all life to our visible nature. 

“His radiance is undecaying,” says the Rig-Veda, “the intensely-shining, all
pervading, unceasing, undecaying rays of Agni desist not, neither night nor
day.”  This evidently related to the spiritual, central sun, whose rays are
all-pervading and unceasing, the eternal and boundless life-giver.  HE the
Point; the centre (which is everywhere) of the circle (which is nowhere),
the ethereal, spiritual fire, the soul and spirit of the all-pervading,
mysterious ether. The despair and puzzle of the materialist, who will some
day find that that which causes the numberless cosmic forces to manifest
themselves in eternal correlation is but a divine electricity, or rather
galvanism, and that the sun is but one of the myriad magnets disseminated
through space — a reflector….  

That the sun has no more heat in it than the moon or the space-crowding host
of sparkling stars.  That there is no gravitation in the Newtonian sense,*
but only magnetic attraction and repulsion; and that it is by their
magnetism that the planets of the solar system have their motions regulated
in their respective orbits by the still more powerful magnetism of the sun,
not by their weight or gravitation.  This and much more they may learn; but,
until then we must be content with being merely laughed at, instead of being
burned alive for impiety, or shut up in an insane asylum.

•	This proposition, which will be branded as preposterous, but which
we are ready to show, on the authority of Plato (see Jowett’s Introd. to
“the Timæus”; last page), as a Pythagorean doctrine, together with that
other of the sun being but the lens through which the light passes…

This visible universe of spirit and matter….is but the concrete image of the
ideal abstraction; it was built on the model of the first divine IDEA.  Thus
our universe existed from eternity in a latent state.  The soul animating
this purely spiritual universe is the central sun, the highest deity itself.


The divine sun gets never old, and the soul of the just is made in the image
and likeness of that sun] The “central sun” whence emanates and whither
returns intelligence scattered throughout the universe. It is the one
eternal universal focus, the central point “which is everywhere and nowhere”
outbreathing and inbreathing its ever radiating rays….		[Article]

The Central Point, or the great central sun of the Kosmos, as the Kabalists
call it, is the Deity. It is the point of intersection between the two great
conflicting powers—the centripetal and centrifugal forces, which drive the
planets into their elliptical orbits, that make them trace a cross in their
paths through the Zodiac. These two terrible, though as yet hypothetical and
imaginary powers, preserve harmony and keep the Universe in steady,
unceasing motion….	[Articles]

…it was taught in the inner temples that this visible universe of spirit and
matter is but the concrete image of the ideal abstraction; it was built on
the model of the first DIVINE IDEA.  Thus our universe existed from Eternity
in a latent state.  The soul animating this purely spiritual universe is the
central sun, the highest deity itself.

This visible universe of spirit and matter….is but the concrete image of the
ideal abstraction; it was built on the model of the first divine IDEA.  Thus
our universe existed from eternity in a latent state.  The soul animating
this purely spiritual universe is the central sun, the highest deity itself.

Chaos…became the “Soul of the World,” according to Plato and the
Pythagoreans.  According to Hindu teaching, Deity in the shape of Æther
(Akâsa) pervades all things; and it was called therefore by the theurgists
“the living fire,” the “Spirit of Light,” and sometimes Magnes.  It was the
highest Deity itself which, according to Plato, built the Universe in the
geometrical form of the Dodecahedron; and its “first begotten” was born of
Chaos and Primordial Light (the Central Sun).

Outside the boundaries of the solar system, it is other Suns, and especially
the mysterious “central Sun” (the “Abode of the invisible deity” as some
reverend gentlemen have called it) that determines the motion of bodies and
their direction. That motion serves also to differentiate the homogeneous
matter, round and between the several bodies, into elements and sub-elements
unknown to our earth, which are regarded by modern Science as distinct
individual elements, whereas they are merely temporary appearances, changing
with every small cycle…



(a) "When the ONE becomes two, the three-fold appears": to wit, when the One
Eternal drops its reflection into the region of Manifestation, that
reflection, "the Ray," differentiates the "Water of Space"; or, in the words
of the "Book of the Dead"; 

"Chaos ceases, through the effulgence of the Ray of Primordial light
dissipating total darkness by the help of the great magic power of the WORD
of the (Central) Sun." Chaos becomes male-female, and Water, incubated
through Light, and the "three-fold being issues as its First-born."
"Osiris-Ptah (or RA) creates his own limbs (like Brahma) by creating the
gods destined to personify his phases" during the Cycle (xvii., 4). The
Egyptian Ra, issuing from the DEEP, is the Divine Universal Soul in its
manifested aspect, and so is Narayana, the Purusha, "concealed in Akasa and
present in Ether."
 	S D  I 231

“With the Hindus, the lotus is the emblem of the productive power of nature,
through the agency of fire and water (spirit and matter). "Eternal!" says a
verse in the Bhagavad Gita, "I see Brahm the creator enthroned in thee above
the lotus!"; and Sir W. Jones shows, as noted in the Stanzas, that the seeds
of the lotus contain, even before they germinate, perfectly-formed leaves,
the miniature shapes of what one day, as perfected plants, they will become.
The lotus, in India, is the symbol of prolific earth, and what is more, of
Mount Meru. The four angels or genii of the four quarters of Heaven (the
Maharajahs, see Stanzas) stand each on a lotus. The lotus is the two-fold
type of the Divine and human hermaphrodite, being of dual sex, so to say. 

The spirit of Fire (or Heat), which stirs up, fructifies, and develops into
concrete form everything (from its ideal prototype), which is born of WATER
or primordial Earth, evolved Brahmâ—with the Hindus. The lotus flower,
represented as growing out of Vishnu's navel—that God resting on the waters
of space and his Serpent of Infinity—is the most graphic allegory ever made:
the Universe evolving from the central Sun, the POINT, the ever-concealed
germ. Lakshmi, who is the 

 ---------------------	footnote	---------------------------

* In the Christian religion Gabriel, the Archangel, holding in his hand a
spray of water lilies, appears to the Virgin Mary in every picture of the
Annunciation. This spray typifying fire and water, or the idea of creation
and generation, symbolizes precisely the same idea as the lotus in the hand
of the Bodhisat who announces to Maha-Maya, Gautama's mother, the birth of
the world's Saviour, Buddha. Thus also, Osiris and Horus were represented by
the Egyptians constantly in association with the lotus-flower, the two being
Sun-gods or Fire (the Holy Ghost being still typified by "tongues of fire"),

† See Sir William Jones' "Dissertations Relating to Asia." 


female aspect of Vishnu,* and who is also called Padma, the lotus, is
likewise shown floating at "Creation," on a lotus flower, and during the
"churning of the ocean" of space, springing from the "sea of milk," like
Venus from the froth. 

". . . Then seated on a lotus
Beauty's bright goddess, peerless Sri, arose
Out of the waves . . . " 

sings an English Orientalist and poet (Sir Monier Williams). 

The underlying idea in this symbol is very beautiful, and it shows,
furthermore, its identical parentage in all the religious systems. Whether
in the lotus or water-lily shape it signifies one and the same philosophical
idea—namely, the emanation of the objective from the subjective, divine
Ideation passing from the abstract into the concrete or visible form. For,
as soon as DARKNESS—or rather that which is "darkness" for ignorance—has
disappeared in its own realm of eternal Light, leaving behind itself only
its divine manifested Ideation, the creative Logoi have their understanding
opened, and they see in the ideal world (hitherto concealed in the divine
thought) the archetypal forms of all, and proceed to copy and build or
fashion upon these models forms evanescent and transcendent. 

At this stage of action, the Demiurge † is not yet the Architect. Born in
the twilight of action, he has yet to first perceive the plan, to realise
the ideal forms which lie buried in the bosom of Eternal Ideation, as the
future lotus-leaves, the immaculate petals, are concealed within the seed of
that plant. . . . .”	 	S D  I 379-80




Central Spiritual Sun I 231, 379. 
causes Fohat to collect dust I 201 
central body of Milky Way II 240n 
determines motions of bodies I 673 
dhyani-chohans have not penetrated beyond I 13 
electric fire of life II 114 
formless invisible fire in I 87 
our Sun emanates fr I 527n 
our Sun reflection of I 100, 639 
seven rays of I 574 
Sun-Abrasax of kabbalists II 214 
teachings re II 239-41 
uncreated beam reflection of I 275-6

ABRASAX, Abraxas, Abraxax (Ghnos)
Basilidian supreme god I 350 
central spiritual sun II 214 
Garuda pictured as monster on, gems II 565 
Jevo genii antagonistic to II 541 
Mithra, IAO, or II 474 
as Priapus symbol of four Adamic races II 458

Adonai or, (Gnostic) I 577; II 538n 
all Earth's elements in I 583 
Apollo, Phoebus or II 770 
born, grows, changes, dies I 609 
bright god of light I 479 
Brothers of the I 271n 
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eclipses of, & allegories II 380 
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highest god II 361, 538 
incandescent, a fallacy I 149, 591 
initiation of II 381 
inner man drawn to Parent- I 639 
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Joshua stopped II 535 
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larger than Earth (1300 times) II 708 
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legend of Sanjna & II 174 
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manas, kama-rupa fr II 241 
Mercury & II 28 
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Messiah, Christos II 23 
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Moon &, affect man's body I 229 
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Moon &, Son & Father I 229 
Moon as eye of I 304-5 
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not a planet but fixed star I 448 
not cause of light, heat I 580 
noumenon of electricity I 531 
occult influence on seven planets I 575n 
path of, called serpent II 356 
perturbing influence on planets I 503 
planets &, time measurers II 621 
planets brothers not sons I 101, 449, 588-9 
planets did not evolve fr I 101, 588-9 
at pralaya I 370, 376; II 69n, 611 
rebirth of northern, & Ankh II 547 
reflect concealed primaries I 289 
regulates manifested life II 595 
revolves round Alcyone (Madler) I 501 
rises & sets once a year, (Avesta) II 291 
rising, setting of, (Vishnu Purana) II 155 
rose in the south II 535 
rotates w the planets I 100 &n 
Sabasius, called II 419 
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seventh planet, ancients called I 99-100n 
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solidity of, repudiated I 591 
source of vital force I 531 
spectroscope shows outer, only I 528 
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Thomson on age of I 501; II 10n, 258n 
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understanding II 639n 
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Venus "the other" II 24, 31 
Vishnu becomes II 38 
visible, a maya or reflection I 179 
vital electricity of, & man II 105 
warmed sweat-born egg II 131 
zodiacs & II 431
Sun (Fourth World of Syrians), mightiest gods in I 435
Sun-Abrasax, central spiritual sun II 214

aspect of universal motion I 147 
atmospheric, of naturalists I 338n 
cosmic, & gravitation I 497-9 
Fohat & seven forms of I 145 
iron &, occult properties of II 371 &n 
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lunar I 394, 398 
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nature of, not understood I 498 
not a mode of motion I 484, 496, 516 
noumenal, phenomenal I 145-6 
secondary effect I 484 
solar system revolutions & I 501 
terrestrial, & anima mundi II 562 
ultimate causes of I 514-17

FIRE (ELEMENT). See also Agni, Elements, Fires, Heat, Parsis
active, male principle II 130 
aether &, atma-buddhi I 216 
aether in purest form I 87 
Agni (Vedic) II 101, 114, 381, 413-14n 
air, water, earth & I 284; II 114, 616 
Al-Orit god of II 361 
angels (kumaras) II 243 
born of water I 379 
burns away lower senses II 639 
circles of II 103, 232, 275n 
cold, luminous I 250 
deity presiding over time I 86 
destroyed some races II 307n, 309, 725-6 
discovered by inventors II 373 
dragon of wisdom fr water & I 470 
essence of, & flame I 6 
ethereal & terrestrial I 469 
finds refuge in water I 402 
first after the One I 216, 447 
first manifest material I 250 
flame of, endless I 85n 
by friction explained in Vedas I 523 
gandharva forces of solar I 523n 
genii of, are Kabiri-Titans II 363 
giving knowledge of future I 339 
God is a living, (Acts) I 121 
god of II 236n 
gods discussed I 340-1 
higher self in Anugita II 638 &n 
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initiation trials of II 566n 
is all the deities I 101; II 567 
Isis & Osiris or water & II 583 
kabbalistic works on I 339 
Karttikeya born fr water & II 550 
least understood of elements I 120-2 
life, heart, pulse of universe I 216 
light, flame &, in Stanzas I 81-2 &n 
living magnetic I 338 &n; II 311n 
living spiritual, & man II 79, 102 
lotus product of, & water I 57, 379n 
male generative principle I 57 
marriage of, & water I 341 
Melhas or, -gods II 34 
Mithra, Mithras, & II 130 
never discovered II 523-4 
one element or I 101 
origin of, (Plato) II 373 
origin of, first round I 259 
people born of water & I 439n; II 605 
pillar of, (Exodus) I 338n, 437 
primordial, not physical I 69-70 
progeny of electricity I 81-2 
Prometheus & II 520, 523-4 
pure akasa I 253 
pure spirit of, in Sun I 493 
purifies manas II 639 
pyramid derived fr II 594 
related to sight, etc II 107 
Rosicrucians defined, correctly I 121 
Rudra god of II 280n 
sacred II 77, 80, 101n, 171, 363, 759 
St Mark, lion &, (table) II 114 
science does not explain I 121, 141-2, 521 
sevenfold, manifested I 87 
solar II 105 
sons of, (agni-putra) II 363 
spirit of, fructifies I 379 
spiritual II 79, 105, 109 
suchi or solar II 57n, 102, 105 
swallowed by air (pralaya) I 372-3 
symbolizes divine spirit II 113 
third race could live in II 220 
thunder, Jove, Agni or I 462 
triple, invisible I 87 
triple, of central spiritual sun I 87 
universe fr air, water & I 92 &n 
Vaisvanara is living magnetic II 311n 
various names of II 114 
vital II 267 
water &, or Mother & Father I 70 
water &, produced matter II 65 
worshipers II 361 
Yazatas II 400n


-angels & divine rebels II 243, 246 
black, of Zohar (wisdom) II 162 
of the celestial gods II 210 
creative II 101, 270, 414 
first two races had no II 107, 113 
higher self or II 109 
holy, or Kabiri II 3 
of passions II 99, 105 
producer II 244 
Promethean, became a curse II 412-13 
Promethean, not physical II 523-4 
-self or light of initiation II 570 
seven circles of, (Pymander) II 103, 232, 275n, 448 
spiritual, of middle principle II 79

FIRE ATOMS.     Life-Atoms  MONADS

become life-germs I 259
Fire Devas, divine rebels II 246
Fire Dhyanis
essence of man II 90-2 
incarnate in third race II 91
Fire Mist. See also Pavaka
arhats of the I 207 
ball of, becomes planet II 153 
breath of fire I 83 
after chaotic stage I 453 
"Devourers" & I 259 
primitive chaos luminous I 599 
primordial, & elements I 201, 543 
sons of the I 86, 207, 271n; II 212, 319 
various names for I 140

FIRES.   Fire,   Flames,   Forty-nine Fires

alchemy & secret of II 106 
Earth product of three II 247 
forty-nine I 291, 439n, 520-1; II 57 &n, 85, 362, 521, 564 
Narada one of the II 83 
personified in Vayu Purana I 521 
represent spirit or male element II 64 
sacred, or Kabiri, Kumaras II 106 
seven & forty-nine I 291, 411; II 57 &n, 362-3, 564 
three, seven, or forty-nine II 247, 363 
Titans-Kabiri sacred divine II 363


an ever-living power II 570 
one w universal Spirit II 638 &n
First-born I 216, 399, 559
Ahura Mazda as II 488 
ancients had no name for I 383 
become asuras II 283 
begin each manvantara II 80 
fr chaos & primordial light I 344 
gods, protogonoi II 43, 490n 
heaven's II 224 
host of builders is I 344 
logoi or II 93 
number for I 89, 91 
Ormazd as the I 113n 
primitive or first man I 264 
"privations" of Aristotle II 489 
refused to create II 82, 239, 489 
various names for I 344
First Cause. See also Absolute, Unknowable
Eternal Cause not I 391 &n 
gods proceed fr II 108 
Logos & I 14-15n, 426 
Naudin's theory of II 119-20 
not Parabrahman I 14 &n; II 108 
Plato's, eternal Idea I 214 
point, monad or I 426 
Pratt on, & Space I 9n, 342 &n 
Space container of unknown I 342 
Western speculation on I 327


Adi-buddhic monad manifests as I 571 
Aeon, Aion or I 351 
concealed deity & I 437 
heavenly man is not II 599 
Kwan-shi-yin I 452 
Microprosopus is not I 215 &n 
names of I 351-2 
One, & mulaprakriti I 273-4 
Parabrahman unknown to I 429 
pasyanti form of Vach I 138, 432 
ray of, uses Adam Kadmon I 214 
Second &, two Avalokitesvaras I 72n 
sexless II 128 
sleeps in bosom of Parabrahman I 429 
unborn, eternal energy I 130n 
unmanifested "First Cause" I 16 
Verbum or I 137, 428 
Vishnu, Brahma Second Logos I 381n


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From: Gopi Chari 
Sent: Wednesday, August 23, 2006 9:38 PM
Subject: Re: slayer of the "Mind"

This is the ultimate step in Transformation.

Reality as we know is the result of many stages of refraction of the
Truth. Mind is the Ultimate Prism of Retraction. 

What do I mean by Refraction? The simplest way to understand is the way
colors appear by placing a prism in the path of the light. What we see as
a result is the colors. All of the colors possible appear. It is possible
that we may not be able to perceive all of the colors depending on the
set of  eyes looking at it.The Truth is the idea of color and the Prism
gives it a manifested sense. 

What is more difficult is the way Taste is
refracted into all of the 'Tastes'. Similarly all of the concepts are
refracted into Manifested reality. But the original reality is merely the
concept and they appear when the taste bud touches the matter. 

So. a Manifested reality occurs when a Concept is refracted and a
Perceiver touches the Perceived. This is the Mystery of Triangles of
Manifestation. The Truth is merely Idea  

This Manifested reality is the
source of desires. In the return journey, these Triangles are viewed in
the correct manner and finally removing Ignorance. Anyone that is
familiar with Spectroscopy know s that it is huge refraction that gives
all of the Spectrum and energies.

Ultimately our Sun is a huge refractor that results in our Cosmos. This
procedure goes way back to Supernova and so on.

But this entire refraction is the product of Mind. When Mind shuts off
the slide show is over.

That is slaying of Mind. 


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