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; Parable of The Seeds and Sower

Aug 26, 2006 11:41 AM
by Gary Barnhart

Dear Chuck,

Perhaps the parable of the "seeds and the sower" is as applicable to theosophy and theosophy students as it is to those who call themselves christians.  Let each examine for themselves.  If a friend points out the error of my or any other persons ways, then I would suggest my friend has done all they can do for me.  Once I been given a cup of clear water is not then my choice to drink or not?  Once we have plainly pointed out what we perceive as truth, then it may be suggested that we have done enough and then must leave the other to their karma.

[source, Luke 8: 4-15 ],  Recall that HPB quoted New Testament scripture as well.

Best regards,
Gary B.

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