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California Utopia: Point Loma 1897-1842

Aug 24, 2006 09:21 PM
by danielhcaldwell

California Utopia: Point Loma 1897-1842 
by Emmett A. Greenwalt 

History of Point Loma Theosophical Society.  

It is all here: the beginnings, with 
ceremony and high hopes and a philosophy of "ancient wisdom," on the 
chaparral-covered slopes of Point Loma facing the blue Pacific; the 
pouring in of distinguished supporters not only from various parts 
of the U.S.A., but from England, Wales, Scotland, Sweden, Holland, 
Germany, Cuba, Japan and other countries; the transformation to a 
place of beauty; the initial shock to the local clergy of the 
Theosophists' doctrines of reincarnation and karma; congresses for 
peace, calls for prison reform and against capital punishment and 
vivesection and for a universal brotherhood of humanity; courtroom 
battles; success and recognition of contributions in education; in 
literature, drama, art and agriculture; financial strains and 
difficulties, and finally the great hegira.



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