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Three Articles on Blavatsky, Theosophy & Sirhan Sirhan

Aug 24, 2006 09:01 PM
by danielhcaldwell

A friend wanted to know more about the above
subject, so I sent him the following material.

Three Articles on 
Blavatsky, Theosophy & Sirhan Sirhan


ARTICLE ONE:  about Blavatsky & Sirhan in Time Magazine 1968 
See Page 1:
See Page 2:


ARTICLE TWO: Manual for Revolution by HPB? by Jerry Hejka-Ekins


ARTICLE THREE:  Excerpt on Sirhan and Kuthumi 

Upon his return, one difference in Sirhan's character
noted by those close to him was a deepened interest in
the occult. 

In the mid-60s Sirhan's ambition to become a jockey
had led to work as a groomsman, which carried him into
the orbit of an equestrian circle of privilege. The
politics was far right, and the religion often had the
gloss of conservative evangelicalism masking a
fascination with the occult. William Thomas Rathke, a
right-wing, 41-year old groom who actually had his own
fundamentalist church, befriended Sirhan, but rather
than talk about Jesus paradoxically began nurturing
his interest in the occult. In a letter to Turner and
Christian, Sirhan wrote that "We had many discussions
on the occult - reincarnation, karma, clairvoyance,
astral projection, the human aura. But I don't
remember that we ever discussed politics." 

In 1967 Rathke moved north to Livermore California,
ostensibly to work at the Pleasanton Race Stables.
Livermore, of course, was also home to Lawrence
Livermore National Laboratory, one of the principle
contracting institutions for MKULTRA. (In 1965 the CIA
had "entered into a Memorandum of Understanding" with
Lawrence Livermore Laboratory to "perform a number of
projects for the Office of Scientific Intelligence.") 

Sirhan and Rathke kept in touch, and Rathke and
Livermore remained on his mind. In his notebook of
"automatic writing" following his three-month absence,
he wrote "Sirhan Livermore Sirhan" and juxtaposed
Rathke's name with the repetition of "Let us do it,"
"Master Kuthumi." "Illuminati" and "Northern Valley."
"Kuthumi" is clearly a reference to Blavatsky's Secret
Chief Koot Hoomi, and Livermore Valley is in Northern
California. When asked by Turner and Christian, Sirhan
said he had no awareness of the word "Illuminati," and
could only say that Kuthumi "sounds familiar in occult

At Sirhan's 1969 trial hypnotist Bernard Diamond
testified that the case was "an astonishing instance
of mail-order hypnsosis, dissociated trances and the
mystical occultism of Rosicrucian mind power and black
magic." This was the limited hang-out of the
compromised Defense team: Sirhan was mind controlled,
but it was self-induced. Rathke supported this
position, even anticipated it, by having visited
Sirhan and his family in LA several times in the
months before the assassination, now voicing concerns
in letters that if Sirhan didn't abandon his rituals
he might "lose control and do something terrible." The
supposedly evangelical Rathke also infiltrated a
Theosophist group in early 1968 and expressed similar
concerns to its members, reminiscent of the JFK
assassination's Odio Incident which saw Silvia Odio
told afterward by a companion of "Lee Oswald" that he
was crazy and capable of killing the President. 

Sirhan's now 62, and lost his 13th bid for parole last
week. He was unrepresented, his lawyer Lawrence Teeter
- his first lawyer to believe in his innocence - died
last year. Most Americans who still mourn Robert
Kennedy don't feel much charity for his convicted
killer, but that's to misundertand history and
misapprehend justice.

Excerpted from:
"The Master Approached" 

Hope this helps.


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