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Fwd: [bn-study] Re: Difference between humans and animals?

Aug 24, 2006 08:41 PM
by leonmaurer

Hi Phil,

Thought you might be interested in the below dialogue   -- which has 
something to do with that Naked Ape idea of yours, and gives another twist on 
Evolutionary theory -- that has more to do with changes in brain size due to the 
intentional lighting up of the human mind field (that apes and monkeys don't have) 
so the God conscious mind beings on the spiritual plane (who came in with the 
big bang from a previous universe) could come down to Earth and reincarnate as 
intelligent "human" apes.   Then they (we) would have to train those ape-like 
brains and bodies over many lifetimes to get where we are now.    

Could that be why there are some people who think and believe we came to 
Earth from outer space?   That may be why some tribes in Africa and even the 
ancient Egyptians worshipped Sirius and the Orion constellation.   They confused 
the star systems or particular stars with the big bang (quasar) when the mind 
(as Mahat and later MANas) appeared first on the spiritual, then the mental and 
later, astral planes -- long before the physical stars and planets evolved on 
the lowest material plane.   Then they had to wait until all the vegetables 
and animals could evolve and the Ape bodies were ready for the astral Man's mind 
field to hook on to their physical brains through their electrical fields.   
That's the whole story in a nutshell.


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