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Laughing at Personality

Aug 24, 2006 11:59 AM
by Gary Barnhart

Personality and Time:

A friend once commented to another friend.  I find it interesting how the Tibetan people can endure such hardships and tragedy and still laugh. They chatted about the lack of television and other influences of the Tibetan people.  One commented about how the Tibetans to his knowledge did not celebrate birthdays since the doctrine of reincarnation saturated their thinking so that to them any and every day is a birthday.  This lead me to ask other questions.

How does theosophy influence our lives? does it expand our concept of time?  does it influence the view of impermanence of our personality?  Can we laugh at our own personality?  Can we not hope that the OTHER PERSON gets an improved personality their next go round?  Can we laugh and feel sorrow at our prior mistakes?  Can we live in the present and let bygones be bygones?  Can we look forward to future lives of improving where spontaneity is not a problem for us and others?  Does it make me more tolerant of others views knowing those also are subject to change?  Does it give me hope for peace on the earthly plane knowing even that plane is subject to change?  Does my arrogance and cynicism of thought shift to a more compassionate view knowing I also have been in prior lives (and even in this lifetime) as confused as others?  How long will it take me to learn to share without wounding?  How long will it take for my friends to accept my ignorance without putting me down for it and when will I learn to do the same with them?   

Going within appears to me to be hard work.  The thoughts and attitudes that do not serve me and others well seem to take a long time to dissipate and change.

So then the words of HPB come to mind.  A student asked her, " how do I best study theosophy".  She said "with common sense".  "And the next thing" the student asked.  She said "With a sense of humor".  "And next?" the student asked.  She replied "With more common sense."

Whenever I observe my personality and that of others, I'm grateful she added the "sense of humor" part.  I'm also grateful for it's impermanence!

Best Regards,
ONE of the OTHERS 

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