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Re: [Mind and Brain] More arguments in behalf of a hybrid reality where the empirical & the conceptual become one seamless unit.

Aug 23, 2006 07:13 PM
by leonmaurer


I'm amazed at how your insights -- as you intuitively answer your own 
profound questions -- open up doors to understanding fundamental reality that 
scientific materialists seem to miss entirely.   

I would assume that your contemplation has placed you in an almost continuous 
state of slow alpha rhythm meditation -- which may be the reason why you 
continually come up with such fundamental ideas that only the ancient Masters of 
meditation and occult wisdom have spoken about. I suggest you study some of the 
books I suggested to find out who they are and what those ancients knew about 
fundamental reality -- including both consciousness and matter and their 

To explain this particular insight...   How could consciousness (whether 
expressed or not) be ubiquitous within and throughout all sentient beings and 
every other form of matter in the universe, and those forms of matter be the cause 
of its collective experience -- if the accumulated experiences of the 
universal consciousness from previous manifestations, wasn't the cause of all the 
forms of matter that we can experience in this manifestation?   

This is the paradox that triggers the ancient unanswered question, "Which 
came first the chicken or the egg?" ...   Which your insight -- that everything 
as well as every cause and effect must be circular or cyclic -- answers 
completely...   Especially, if we examine the only way the universe could exist under 
such conditions.   That is, with the informed spinergy being the egg out of 
which the manifest universe grows, and the manifest universe being the chicken 
that eventually dies and re-informs the eggs "spinergy with its newly 
accumulated experiential knowledge -- so a higher order and more intelligent universe 
can grow out of it.   Just like the seed grows into a plant, and the plant 
produces the seed for the growth of a new plant, which produces a seed, and so on 
to continually evolve into even higher order plants and ultimately into other 
forms of sentient matter.

Thus, everything in nature must follow and be governed by the fundamental 
laws of cycles and periodicity, just as the progressive evolution of all 
inanimate and living beings in the universe, on every level of potential universal 
consciousness, from mineral, through vegetable, through animal to human, can be 
explained by analogy and correspondence.   

Thus, all the complexity of the universe can be reduced down to a fundamental 
simplicity, that in itself contains all the seeds of complexity... With all 
of it starting from zero and having infinite degrees of potential forms... 
Thus, infinity is forever equivalent to zero, and both are always one thing in 
itself (but no-thing in our terms) whether expressed or not.   The entire 
universal plenum then, before, during, or after such expression, could be considered 
as a duality within a trinity... Or, symbolically, as a circle surrounding a 
figure eight -- which geometrically, is the cross-section of the initial 
spherical field of consciousness of the newborn Cosmos -- after "sleeping," as it 
says in the ancient Book of Dzyan, "for seven eternity's in the bosom of the 
seven skinned mother."

In other words, if we consider that the universe is formed by and grows out 
of the spinergy or angular momentum of the zero-point singularity, and that all 
its subsequent forms of matter are caused by the images of its previous 
experience recorded in the vibrational patterns of such spinning lines of force -- 
then such spinergy must be the primal cause and ultimate effect at both the 
beginning and the end of all universal manifestations.  And, also, that 
"singularity" composed of the encircling "spinergy" surrounding the zero-point of 
Absolute Space must eternally exist, fully conscious at its zero-point center 
prior to, during, and after each such manifestation -- without any diminishment 
whatsoever throughout its eternal duration (infinite infinities of wakings and 
sleepings, births and deaths, in ever progressively higher transformations, 
beyond the comprehension of our limited minds or imaginations, ad infinitum). 

Apparently, the fundamental laws that govern all actions and reactions, as 
well as physical forms during such manifestation, expansion, involution, 
evolution, and ultimate contraction as pure information back into the spinergy of the 
zero-point singularity, must be based on the cycles of its spinergy, as well 
as on the overlaid memories "carried" as cyclic vibrational images in the form 
of wave interference patterns of varying degrees or phases of frequency 
modulations, that determine its experiential informational content replicated on 
each fractal level of its primal or pre-metric field involution's -- beginning 
with the initial triune monad or outer "mother" field, down to the third inner 
fractal iteration -- resulting in the double heptad group of (14) nested ABC 
fields before the breaking of symmetry and subsequent evolution.   For a 
symbolic cross-section picture of the involution of these spherical fields within 
fields within fields, etc., see:

Therefore, it follows that the fundamental laws which govern all action and 
reaction during such manifestation must be cycles and periodicity -- as you 
intuited.   And. fhe ultimate equation that relates all that and is the baais of 
the unified field theory of everything 

If all that is so, then it's quite obvious that the fundamental cosmic 
consciousness (awareness coupled with will) or "spirit" is the father of all 
material forms that are carried and birthed by the "mother" (Spinergy) or matter, and 
that the subsequent forms of matter and their interaction are the informers 
of the cosmic consciousness... As they also, on microcosmic scales, inform and 
add experience to our individual consciousness.   Does not this imply that 
consciousness must be eternally independent of all time and space?   If so, then 
it can only be a function of the unchanging zero-point of "absolute" eternal 
space at the center of all spinergy's (from the Cosmic to the particular) ... 
Each such spinergy radiating initially as "light" in each spectrum level 
(frequency-energy phase-order) of the fractally involved coenergetic spiritual, 
mental, astral, and material space-time fields. 

Incidentally, this may account for the inner light we actually "see" as 
images in our mind, after the outer "sidereal light" falling on our retinas is 
transformed and transmitted through and from the brain into a higher order "astral 
light" hologram (wave interference patterns carried by the mind field) that 
is reconstructed holographically and "seen" (in full 3-D depth perception) 
directly by our zero-point center of visual consciousness located in the exact 
center of the brain between the ears and behind the eyes.   I doubt that there 
can be any other "scientific" explanation of how we see -- which is simpler and 
more consistent with actual reality and with what we already know about 
electrodynamics, holography, and all the fundamental laws of nature -- than that.    

Hope all this makes sense and adds some further clarification to your 

Keep on contemplating...

Best wishes,


In a message dated 8/16/06 4:28:37 AM, writes:

> BEB wrote:  "In this case, the laws must relate experience to elements of 
> physical theory. These laws will almost certainly not interfere with those of 
> the physical world; it seems that the latter form a closed system in their own 
> right. Rather the laws will serve as a bridge, specifying how experience 
> depends on underlying physical processes. It is this bridge that will cross the 
> explanatory gap."
> BEB:  I agree with the above-noted comments, and in particular would like to 
> expand the idea of a "bridge" to a circle, or cycle.   I think, 
> alternatively, that underlying physical processes depend upon experience.   An example 
> would be why you and I could be present at the same time, watching a sunset for 
> example, and perhaps have two very different experiences although we are 
> physically present at the same place. 
>  Caron

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