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RE: [theosophia] Re: Theos-World today's quote

Aug 23, 2006 03:48 PM
by W.Dallas TenBroeck

8/23/2006 2:51 PM

Thank Steve:

See notes inserted below:


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From:  Steven Levey
Sent: Wednesday, August 23, 2006 8:58 AM
Subject: [theosophia] Re: today's quote

SL   says:

    To me you are as metaphysically correct about the natural 
existance of our "Brotherhood",  but I feel you fail to address the 
poinancy and depth of: 


It is the love we are to bear to our Brothers as the " sons of one 
sweet mother" which is of a distinctly different perpective than one 
might attribute the cold hard facts of our Monadic "Botherhood". 

I was reminded of Sir Edwin Arnold's passage where the Buddha is to 
say: "Lo, I budh, who wept the whole world's tears......but lo the soul 
of things is sweet.", etc, etc. Do you follow? 


DTB	to me the love and compassionate feeling for all BEINGS -- MONADS is
taken for granted..  The logic for it appears "cold, etc.,"  But unless  the
Kamic self or Kama-Manas understands and controls, there may be only mawkish
sentimentality.  I am trying to make this aspect clear, but not to appear as
a cold hard distant monster !

Every one of our "7 Principles," as well as every "plane" of the 7-fold
divisions of Nature (UNIVERSE) has like a bar=magnet a duality:    Positive,
negative,   North, south.  LOVE - hate.  Compassion - cruelty.  Basically
they reflect the UNIVERSALITY of the ONE SPIRIT  vs.  the selfish UNITY of
any one single temporary transitional FORM -- limited in life to its
present existence, as it visualizes this (in its personal hopes) to be the
future for its existence as a UNIT.

My "logical" approach tries to rectify and equilibrate the time factor
involved and the continuing adjustments being independently made by every
immortal MONAD that provide those "FORMS."  (however temporary, in time,
space, and relation).

But I know you see this quite  well, and only desire me to make this clear
from the beginning.

So thanks.

Of curse there will be millions of different individual applications but
hose have to be left to the free-will of each participating MONAD in its own
struggle to reach the "Path" to the LIGHT of Wisdom.  (see GAYATRI).


SL	This seems to be exploring a kind of devotion which will be the
motivator for our duty as well as the Higher "glue" of Eros which holds
heirarches together. 


DTB	is this not the ever-present MORAL FACTOR made explicit ?  Is this
not the most   important factor of our present work incarnation after
incarnation -- in the "Manas" [4th Round, 5th Race, 5th Sub-Race] phase to
realize the exactitude of Karmic Law in all actions, the MOTIVE alone


SL	In a way it surpasses my ability to find words in explaination.



, "W.Dallas TenBroeck"  <dalval14@...> wrote:

 DTB   	As I understand it, THEOSOPHY teaches
 (1)	All "Life-atoms" are immortals. Potentially, every power and 
faculty  of the UNIVERSE resides in each.  Each  of thee "immortals" is on 
its own  particular "step" of the Ladder of Chelaship that constitutes 
the 'secret'  occultism of all LIFE  (Jiva, Prana in man).
 (2)	They are co-eternal beings, and therefore deserve the 
appellation  and consideration,  of "brother or sister 'souls - minds."  
 (3)	But as they progress by self-effort, the position of 
responsibility  they naturally assume under the impulse of both (1)
"personal --
 matter-side,"  and (2) the general KARMA of the Universe (material, 
psychic  (desire nature)  and spiritual (WISDOM and SPIRITUAL KNOWLEDGE), 
and (3)  particularly of the area (within the 7 planes of Being  --  S D  
II  596;  S  D  I  157-8 -- environment that they are located in under
makes for  their individual (spiritual and psychic)  seeming differences in 
levels of  experience and capacity of self-conscious intelligence.  This 
present level  alters continually, but has nothing to do with their origin -
in the  "Night of Time."
 (4)	Every form (including Man) has a Master MONAD, [one sweet 
master]  responsible for (and this is the root of brotherhood and 
compassion)  this  "inner master" [ATMA-BUDDHI].  It (working through
and the  spiritual aspect of the PSYCHIC (kamic) nature, has the 
responsibility of  offering its own life of choices as a living example to
the rest 
(who, for  the moment, are its pupils-chelas).  Such duty is to "Pont out
IDEAL "Path."  
 (5)	No conscious "Life atom" - MONAD, may choose to "follow the 
Leader."  Each (as in School) has the personal responsibility to learn by 
themselves,  and exercise as well as develop the power (psychic and
of their  own choices.  Thus personal Karma is generated, and received - 
either to  assist, or to delay progress along "THE PATH."  Thus all MONADS
enrolled  in the Universal School of Occultism.  Some are aware of this, but

most are  not yet aware.
 (5)	Every "life-atom" is "reborn" after a Pralaya in the place and
 position its own "Personal Karma"  achieved/  It is like our 
morning waking  up.  Each atom, molecule, cell, organ, resumes its activity
in the 
same  harmonic position with all its brother-life-atoms.  Each has its own
 learning-teaching association and DUTY to continue.  
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