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Re: Theos-World slay the mind

Aug 22, 2006 07:47 PM
by Rodolfo Don


This passage from the Voice of the Silence has always been one of my  

This is what it means to me: We all know that the part of the mind  
which is attached to Kama is the producer of illusion, particularly  
the great illusion of separateness. It is useless to depend on it if  
we want to escape the state of illusion. Also, if we want to  
understand Universal Brotherhood we must break that bondage. Only our  
True Self can help us achieve that. No one else can.

We have to start creating a link with our Higher Self. A good way to  
start is with the right kind of thoughts and trying to cultivate good  
feelings towards others. It is a long process to being aware of that  
Higher Reality that is us. After all, I'm referring to the voice of  
conscience. We all have it. The only thing is that instead of  
ignoring it, we should start listening carefully and following its  
advice. In other words, puting into practice what we say we believe in.

Eventually, a line of communication is created between the higher and  
the lower part of us. When the time is right it will produce a  
transformation of the personality, and the Disciple will be born. We  
can depend on him to help us in the final battle. Without him we are  

Rodolfo Don

On Aug 22, 2006, at 4:02 PM, Gary Barnhart wrote:

> Friends,
> I would be interested to hear from you, what you (and not reference  
> books) find the be the meaning of following verses from the Voice  
> of Silence:
> "The mind is the great slayer of the real.
> Let the Disciple slay the slayer.
> Best Regards,
> Gary B.
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