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Re: Theos-World Quote for The Day

Aug 22, 2006 02:22 PM
by Gary Barnhart

Chuck the H,

I had to chuckle with your response.  Even so, I do not recall theosophy asking us to leave our common sense and intellect behind while working  and even living within the doctrine of the heart. 

There is the tools of meditation available to us besides the written and verbal, or purely intellectual approach.  If anyone cares to ignore this simple tool of theosophy then one may be ignoring the benefits. Each may choose, and each chooses their path of effort.

For myself, and others I have heard, we live in a world of distraction that we become accustomed to, and habituated to.  Meditation allows us to see that right upfront, sort of like getting out of the bustle of a city and into a quite countryside. 

Chuck, I am not assuming what you do or not do, I am simply pointing out a quite place available to all of us.

Gary B.

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  It is the latter which I can assure you Theosophy will lead you to."

  Thank the gods that never happened to me. I prefer the intellectual 

  Chuck the Heretic

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