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Aug 21, 2006 01:21 PM
by Gary Barnhart

Dear Carlos,

Apology accepted. Thank You !!!

I do not have much time right now, so I will be brief.

I do not understand what perception you may think I may have about Hitler.  I have not said anything about him while in this site, nor elsewhere to my recollection.
Because I cautioned you about your attempting to have some persons not having the liberty to speak or have access to this site, please do not jump to conclusions about my views and/or philosophy.

About the name stuff, from what I can tell it depends on which button I push to respond to this site.  There is the reply key on my computer screen and then there is the Reply-Via- Web-Post at the bottom of each posting.  Being new to this Yahoo Groups stuff I was not clear about what to do so I have done both.  One way shows my name and the other comes up with my ID the yahoo set up requested.  I will attempt to remember to use the tools bar so that my name shows up and cease any confusion.  ( I never came out because I never was in, as you can now plainly see.  Even I was at first a little confused as to why my ID showed up sometimes and my name showed up sometimes.)

You will see from a late night posting of mine last night that I have personally responded to FR and LS.   Please give me the benefit-of-any-doubt at this time.  Let us just let things unfold and have patience with me please.  Thanks.

Respectfully and Best regards,
Gary B.

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