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Re: Evidence: The Case For NASA UFO's ?

Aug 21, 2006 01:11 PM
by logos_student2000


Be careful what you wish for -lest you place yourself too closely to 
Bill O'riley and his calling for anyone who disagrees with the 
offical US policy to be rounded up.  

MIght I also remind you that I know many close-minded Christians and 
when I'm around them I have to keep my mouth shut!!   I know many 
people who would round YOU up because they SEE YOU as following a 
person who is a demon named named Blavatsky.  Do I need to explain 
this to you, or are you going to deny that many people have libelled 
her, before and after her death?    

Keep this in mind next time you find it funny to joke around 
about "padded rooms" because those closed minded crowds might just 
throw YOU in one with me and anyone else.

Have a nice day, Mr. O'riley!   

--- In, samblo@... wrote:
> Perry,
>    Thanks for your comments and reply. I simply and clearly 
objected strongly 
> because the E-mail associated myself with contents not mine and 
contents I do 
> not wish associated with myself which could be interpreted by 
readers as also 
> mine which is not the case.
>    I have always valued and esteemed your posts Perry and will 
continue too. 
> But I find paranoid racist conspiratory dialog condemnable and 
unacceptable. I 
> also have had my fill of this type of distorted warped alienated 
> borderline personality disordered malcontented socially 
> individuals that have popped out of the woodwork since 911. And I 
personally think they 
> need a padded cell somewhere and a long vacation lol.
>    I have already posted quite a bit in the past on my views of 
Et, I won't 
> recount any of it now.
> Best regards,
> John  
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