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Re: Evidence: The Case For NASA UFO's ?

Aug 21, 2006 08:58 AM
by plcoles1

Dear John,
Just simply sharing some info that I thought may have been of interest.
I don't necessarily accept it, but simply examine it as being one perspective and point of 

(I have no idea who `Cooper' is? sorry must have missed that)

Propaganda and misinformation however is a reality in most political structures and some 
of the UFO material may indeed be caught up in a political agenda or it may not be, who 

I am simply looking at different perspectives and angles. 

The jury for little ole Perry may have to remain permanently out on this subject but I still 
find the subject of interest and as with most things try and keep an open mind without 
necessarily swallowing or rejecting things completely.



--- In, samblo@... wrote:
> Perry,
>  If you please, Sir. Don't associate me in any E-mail for any reason whatever 
> with "Logos." I find it enormously insulting and offensive no matter what 
> reason you had for doing so. I myself made no comment on disinformation. I myself 
> do not regard Cooper as a resource I would use or refer others too. Dr. Greer 
> has his Project, the problem is no one can compel Congress to comply with his 
> desire, no matter how many "witnesses" he has to testify. Being pragmatic I 
> see little chance he can effect his purpose line and Goal. But I do not 
> subscribe to fruitcake conspiracies that are the vital blood of psychopaths. 
> Cordially John
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