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Re: Nazits-Animal-Man-etc.

Aug 21, 2006 07:45 AM
by Mark Jaqua

Re: nazits et. al.
   I wasn't aware the Arabs in Israel have 
all the civil-rights that Carlos relates 
below, which just proves the point of 
peoples who try to maintain some principles.
   Blavatsky said that the theosophical 
society thrives on differences of opinion 
"WITHIN CERTAIN LIMITS" - but belief in 
genocide, et. al. is hardly within those 
limits. It is all absurd.  The "freedom of
thought" defense in this respect is just
    Frank going bonkers and becoming a Nazi 
is maybe because he used to do some good work
with his German Theosophical Archive and the
like - people who do good work often get all 
sorts of pressures, end up even loosing their 
    Logos 2000 and the other nazis sympathizers 
always seem to bring up various "conspiracy 
theories."  There's thousands of books written 
on such stuff, and intellectually one gets 
pulled into some of their rationality.  I don't 
think there are any conspiracies, or darn 
few.  People just aren't organized enough 
to pull them off.  What is really happening 
is that people who are under the same 
metaphysical influences have similar ideas, 
and thus seem to be cooperating or connected.
     Logos 2000 made a comment about the 
open-ness of the Masons.  Well, perhaps 
this used to be so, and may be still among 
many.  But a couple of years ago here, 
there was an ad in the paper about masonic 
membership, which contained the remark 
"no disbelievers in God need apply!"  
      I like the buddhists attitude toward 
other religions.  I read somewhere that 
before the chinese take-over, that some 
christians set up a mission/church in Lhasa 
in Tibet, and they were welcomed and not 
interfered with - its just then that no 
one ever attended the church.
Animal-Man differences:
   As Dallas says:  "The physical is based 
on the astral model - electro magnetic matter."
    Since the physical body is constantly 
being formed and brought into "resonance" 
maybe with the astral model-body, I wonder 
what inner effects results from puting 
artificial things in the body - like steel 
in bone breaks, heart-pace-makers, organ 
transplanst (formed by someone else's 
astral-model body), transfusions,etc.  It 
seems it would affect the necessary resonance 
or "at-one-ness" between the physical and 
astral, and result in all sorts of perhaps 
subtle and negative mental and spiritual 
consequences.  There might never be a full 
inner an outer connection again?  Alopathic 
medicine never knows what it is really doing.
           - jake j.
  Carlos writes:
  <....Yet I will say: I am for liberty of thought and for free examination 
<of the relation between Written Theosophy and the Daily Life Events of 
  <  But I guess this must happen within some broad limits, one of them 
<being respect for Human Life and for Every Human People (Nation), which 
<NAZIS do not have and have not made believe they have...... 
<Thanks. I agree with your insights. I would like to add something. 
  <There are lots of Arab citizens in Israel. They enjoy every human and 
<political right.  They have their representatives in the Parliament, and 
<criticize the government as much as they like.  Arab citizens also get 
<democratically  killed along with Jews in every terrorist bombing in 
<Israel's cities.   
  <Could any present-day Arab country think of tolerating a big Jewish 
<community within its borders? No. With representatives in the Parliament?  
<Not at all.  There is scarcely any democratical thinking in 
<Fundamentalist countries. 
  <(Bad as they are now, Western democracies are what we have. Better take 
<good care of them and preserve and improve them.)
  <There is a strong and radical Peace Movement in Israel, named  "Peace 
<Nothing similar in Islamic fundamentalist countries.  
  <And why all theosophical groups were closed in every country dominated 
by Nazism or Fascism in the WWII?  No need to answer.
  <Thanks again, 
  <Best regards,   Carlos. 

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