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Re: Private for Frank R. and L.S.2000

Aug 21, 2006 07:13 AM
by logos_student2000


Speaking for myself only, I have no agenda and have come fresh into 
this form.  I've taken no courses in Theosophy.  But I am interested 
in the subjects you mentioned also and I will cease the political 
talk after tonight.  I am interested in comparing Blavatsky's "Isis 
Unvieled" with her Secret Doctrine also - I preferred her earlier 
work on "ISIS Unveiled" actually.  I am interested in Karmic 
debt/effect also.  Also I was going to add my thoughts on the 
difference between humans and animals but I got side-tracked 
(again) - bad habit of mine.

I hope to discuss further with you and the others Gary.

Logos Student      

--- In, "Gary Barnhart" <gbarnhart@...> 
> Aug 21, 2006
> From Gary B.
> Dear Frank R. & Logos S 2000  (FR and LS if you don't mind)
> That's perhaps kind of silly putting "Private" in a discussion 
site subject box, but what the hell.
> After listening to you, may I be so bold as to ask you a few 
questions.  I shall do my best to not put you on the defensive, and 
I am trying to be upfront with you.
> Being somewhat familiar with the Aryan Brotherhood and the 
National Socialists views and somewhat familiar with how people come 
in contact with those views and philosophy, I now wish to plainly 
ask a few pertinent questions in order to see if perhaps I can 
better understand you, ( I do not pretend to speak for any others 
within this discussion group).  I would not normally ask these type 
of questions, so bear with me.
> It appears to me that you are possibly in the pen.  Would you care 
to say ?   I do not hold a persons past against them, even though we 
all try to use some common sense in the present.
> Secondly, have you been taking any T.U.P. Correspondence Course 
lessons, (Theosophical Univ. Press) ?  If so, how far have you gone 
with them?
> Did one of the T.U.P. correspondents refer you to this discussion 
group? ( please, no names )
> Would you care to discuss what writings of H.P. Blavatsky and W.Q. 
Judge you have read so far and any questions about these you might 
wish to discuss?
> Are there particular points about the theosophical philosophy you 
care to discuss? Reincarnation? Karma? After death states? The human 
Principals or centers?
> Evolution (theosophy style)? What brought you into theosophical 
studies or the topic? 
> I typically avoid technical theosophical terms unless nothing else 
will do.  Most importantly, I am student as well and if I can not 
reasonably help then I will ask others to chime in and do so.  So, 
if you are sincere, please address the questions and then tell me 
where you would like to begin.  Lastly, if either of us find our 
conversations out-of-line or inappropriate to theosophy then we each 
need to say so, fair enough?
> Best Regards,
> Gary B.
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