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Theos-World Re: Evidence: The Case For NASA UFO's ?

Aug 21, 2006 07:13 AM
by logos_student2000


I watched the Disclosure Project's 2 hour video and Dr. Greer's 4 
hour video also  Dr. Greer seems very sincere and I liked what he 
offered (at first) but I think the Rosswell incident was both a 
weather balloon and also a hexagonal shaped craft - both of which 
were man-made and dropped into the desert.  What do you think it 
was "ALIENS" ?  To be honest, I'm not sure what to make of Greer and 
his crew but the guy with the Curly hair(the lawyer) is head of some 
Jesuit organization, thought I'd just inform you.  Perhaps you have 
the wrong idea though.  My only intention in bringing up Cooper was 
to acknowledge that he discovered that most of the UFO related 
material was either: 

a) goverment craft or psy-ops
b) mistakes 

I do believe that some sighting may be "Guardians" as in those 
advanced archangel like beings that deal with the Karma of the 
planet Earth etc.   

But I'm confused by your overeaction to my mentioning Bill Cooper 
though.  He is just one man - he's not a demon, so please try to 

Logos Student

--- In, samblo@... wrote:
> Perry,
>  If you please, Sir. Don't associate me in any E-mail for any 
reason whatever 
> with "Logos." I find it enormously insulting and offensive no 
matter what 
> reason you had for doing so. I myself made no comment on 
disinformation. I myself 
> do not regard Cooper as a resource I would use or refer others 
too. Dr. Greer 
> has his Project, the problem is no one can compel Congress to 
comply with his 
> desire, no matter how many "witnesses" he has to testify. Being 
pragmatic I 
> see little chance he can effect his purpose line and Goal. But I 
do not 
> subscribe to fruitcake conspiracies that are the vital blood of 
> Cordially John
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