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Re: Evidence: The Case For NASA UFO's ?

Aug 20, 2006 08:28 PM
by plcoles1

Dear Logos and John,
Very interesting about the et abductions being part of a mis-
information campaign 
Dr Steven M Greer from the "Disclosure Project" makes similar claims.



--- In, "logos_student2000" 
<logos_student2000@...> wrote:
> Perry/Cass,
> It may interest you that I looked into this UFO business and
> discovered the case of "ufoology".  One might say that the little
> green men resembles Alister Crowley's little grey inner-terrestrial
> than any outer-terrestrial.  Here's what I uncovered:
> William Cooper (who was murdered by the FBI - apparently for not
> paying enough income tax) was for over 30 years the biggest UFO 
> who went so far as to write books and one of them was very popular
> called " Behold a Pale Horse", or soemthing that nature.  As he was
> Conspiracy researcher who pushed the UFO idea for many years, I
> actually thought he was nuts!  But I started to notice that he not
> only spoke out on the UFO business but he also spoke great truths
> regarding the New World Order and particuly FEMA being a huge 
> Why I mention this is because myself like many believe in the
> existance of extra terrestrials.  But I never accepted that little
> green men were kidnapping people and leaving behind their body
>!  Anyhow, I figured if anything the sightings were 
> government ufo's - and no aliens need kidnap us to be able to study 
> (assuming their level of advancment).  Yet, I was disturbed because
> William Cooper was very very serious and he was quite correct about
> FEMA etc.  As he became an alcoholic in later years Cooper was
> bitterly attacked but I chose to go deeper like many others and such
> for truth and not his bad habits.  
> Years later in 1999, Williams Cooper retracted his statements on
> aliens kidnapping people and deeply apologised on the event on
> Rosswell, and in his fantastic exposure he explained how he was used
> (being a high-level military officer himself) to spread "fear" as 
> of an undercover operation to turn our heads away from God and to 
> stars so-to-speak.  William Cooper had beleived the UFo business
> because he had seen very high level top secret documents in his 
> days.  Later on (in his retraction), William Cooper admitted these
> documents were fabricated and he was used along with many others!
> Interestingly, in Cooper's retraction his said to ignore in his book
> (the one I mentioned above), the UFOOLOGIST stuff but to focus on 
> (by providing the page number as a HINT HINT, wink).  He was 
> some time after writing this retraction: 
> - please read's excellent!
> If you scroll down half way through this document, Cooper has 
> the ACTUAL scanned documents of the CIA using the Rosswell incident 
> a form of mental warfare.  I think Mr. Creme and his "Lucifer Trust"
> are also not helping the truth movement at all by lying about
> this also and making up stories about aliens.  Another example of 
> karma of Untruthfullness.      
> Best,
> Logos Student
> --- In, Cass Silva <silva_cass@> wrote:
> >
> > Hi Perry
> > Recently read that 10,000 phoney UFO sightings were placed on the
> web by a University in Australia.  They did it to see the response 
> to prove the gullibility of people.  Horrid trick, I will see if I 
> find the posting.
> > 
> > Cass
> > 
> > plcoles1 <plcoles1@> wrote:                                  Hi 
> >  Very interesting 2 part doco on Google Video of "A very well
> detailed analysis of the UFO's 
> >  caught on NASA's satellite UV camera's."
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> >
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> >  Cheers
> >  
> >  Perry
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