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Re: [Mind and Brain] Consciousness - the connection of a commonality in all things?

Aug 20, 2006 07:29 PM
by leonmaurer


I think that your theory is getting close to answering all your questions 
about the relationship between consciousness (or Spirit) and matter.   

However, I believe that the equation for consciousness should be based on the 
overall equation for all of fundamental reality -- which must include both 
consciousness AND matter.   This equation would have to be related to our 
totality of individual consciousness and their linkages to all mass-energies and 
their coadunate but not consubstantial field formations, both tangible and 
intangible, in this particular finite Cosmos -- considered as an overall 
interconnected unity of infinite diversity and timeless duration.

As I see it, that equation should be, zero equals infinity (0 = ∞)... Since, 
all of reality begins from the Absolute zero-point "singularity" that can be 
reasonably described as a zero-point of infinite Absolute Space (unknowable to 
finite minds) spinning around itself at infinite velocities of angular 
momentum on an infinite number of polar axes.   

How else could we account for the near infinite but still limited mass-energy 
of the physical universe that must (being polarized everywhere) tangentially 
expand spirally from the opposite positive and negative poles of only ONE of 
those infinite axial cyclic spinergy's -- that, alone, is the rootless root and 
primal cause of all coenergetic fields of substance in our metric space time 
continuum?   See:

Of course, this may also imply that the absolute reality must include an 
infinite number of parallel universes projected out of the rest of the Absolute 
zero-point's infinite axes... Thus, making your equation, "consciousness = 
infinity to the infinite power" (0=∞^∞) also correct... Although that equation 
would include the consciousness spread through all the other infinite 
universes... That we, limited to this particular space time continuum, can have no access 
to -- other than through our imagination.

This further implies that the subjective consciousness (i.e., awareness and 
will, as well as the experience of qualia) must all be functions of the 
stationary zero-point that is the absolute static reference of our subjective 
consciousness relative to the objective linear motion of primal substance that 
tangentially spins out of the nonlinear "spinergy" of the zero-point in opposite 
directions... To ultimately form the initial triune fractalized fields (Cosmic 
Monad) that precedes the subsequent fourth iterations of fractal involution's 
that result in our tangible and experiential, metric space-time continuum (See: 
It's this lower order fourth fractal involution that is subject to the laws of 
physics, beginning with the zero-point rays or strings of the attractive and 
repulsive gravitational force representing the surface or "membrane" of the 
initial outer field of spiritual consciousness that surrounds and is connected 
spirally and vortically to all fractalized inner fields that constitute physical 
matter.   After initial inflation and breaking of symmetry, its these fields 
that carry the mass-energies that precipitate out of the zero-point energy or 
quantum foam to form the individual quantum particles, etc. 

See the initial spirally vortical Mobius path of the first cosmic monadic 
field -- pictured humorously at:  Note that this diagram is identical to the Tai Chi or yin yang 
symbol used by the Chinese to symbolize the "Primal Beginning." See:

It's this Cosmic Monad that is the mother of all the forces of nature (as 
well as the source of LIFE or Prana/Chi energy) we experience and observe on this 
fourth or lowest plane of universal involution -- expressed as gravity, 
electromagnetic, weak and strong force.   Apparently, gravity is a dual force that 
acts on the positive or "Light" mass energies attractively, and probably also 
acts on the theoretical "Dark" mass-energies repulsively. See"

As far as I can see, this theory is the only one that can not only verify 
your own speculations, but also answer all your below questions, in addition to 
serving as a basis for the correct mathematics that can explain all the 
fundamental coenergetic fields and forces that are accessible to our consciousness, 
and which can be directly visualized and intuitively comprehended in our mind 
when in deep meditation -- without resort to mathematics, language, or any 
other limited descriptive symbolization's. 

As for the "human mortality issue" that makes you uncomfortable... It might 
help if you meditatively contemplate this model, its total interconnectedness, 
as well as the electrodynamic coenergetic laws underlying cause and effect and 
action-reaction through all inner and outer fields.   And, in so doing, 
imagine the possibility of karma or action-reaction (getting back what we sow) and 
reincarnation -- since all individual rays of consciousness that are always 
connected through their original spinergy to the zero-point of absolute 
consciousness (like the individual rays of light projected outward radially from a 
point source carbon arc) must be as eternal as it is.

It's also interesting to consider that, since consciousness is not caused by 
matter, a fetus cannot be individually conscious as a human being until a ray 
of human consciousness enters into it intentionally and connects its 
individual archetypal memories onto the solar or naval Chakra in the form of its 
original spinergy. See:  
This, most likely occurs during the last trimester of fetal growth.  

Much food for thought, eh?   Hope it makes sense and brings you even further 
clarifying insights.

Best wishes,

Leon Maurer

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>  Sent: Sunday, August 20, 2006 4:26 AM
>  Subject: [Mind and Brain] Consciousness - the connection of a commonality 
> in all things?
> MY THEORY:  the equation or formula for Consciousness is infinity to the 
> infinity power or NOW to the infinity power.   
>  Simple, yet irrefutable.  
>  I do not believe that time or space are involved in the equation of 
> Consciousness.  I have added "to the infinity power" to assist with the perception 
> of it, as infinity seems to connote a linear concept, even though it 
> shouldn't.  I believe there is a relationship between Consciousness and infinity, 
> which is why at this point there is not an equation or formula that proves that 
> consciousness exists.  Is there proof that infinity exists?  If there is, 
> perhaps that's a clue to finding a theory or equation regarding Consciousness.  
>  Does anyone know of research or theories regarding:
>      •      could "Consciousness" (with a capital C) be like one huge 
> puzzle, with an infinite number of pieces, all connected to each other  in some way 
> (science keeps looking for smaller and smaller bits of proof of these 
> connections).  Perhaps, though, the answer lies in looking at the picture in its 
> entirety, and seeing that the pieces don't just join or touch, but intermingle 
> and overlap and osmose and morph, and that the only way it could ever be 
> understood would be to understand, somehow, the relationship of infinity with 
> infinity or of NOW with infinity - taking it from a linear perspective to an 
> infinite, all-encompassing, quantum, metaphysical description.
>      •      Perhaps when a person feels this consciousness - this oneness - 
> it is because some of the connected pieces have actually overlapped or merged 
> or morphed into something different - momentarily rather than permanently, 
> which is why a state of pure oneness is experienced with great difficulty for 
> most people and usually for a very brief time.
>      •      another thought is that perhaps what I am referring to as pieces 
> of one huge puzzle do not just include the present consciousness that I 
> experience, but all other possibilities that could be and all things that have 
> been.  It seems that occasionally a person's being will somehow acknowledge 
> it's connectedness within this huge puzzle, and space, time, and distinct 
> separateness cease to exist, in what seems just a moment, but who knows how long it 
> really is if time is irrelevant? 
>      •      One of the things that my moments of "consciousness" do for me 
> is to make me feel completely at peace with the concept of infinity, and the 
> idea that all is infinite.  Usually, the idea of infinity both excites me - 
> because there will always be more to learn and experience - but also makes me 
> somewhat uncomfortable for the same reasons - the human mortality issue.
>  I suppose I've gone off on a couple of tangents, but for every tangent 
> there is the possibility of learning something new, so in my opinion, tangents 
> are good. 
>  Einstein looked for cause and effect, but Consciousness might not be an 
> action/reaction, because it could include every possible action/reaction, making 
> them a moot point.  Consciousness is not about "reality", it is about our 
> existence as it doesn't relate to what we know reality to be.  
>  So, how do you put that into an equation? 
>  Consciousness = existence minus reality
>  or
>  Consciousness = existence minus our perception of reality
>  or
>  Consciousness = awareness of our connection to all existence minus 
> any negative concepts (including fear), and minus space, time, and mortality.
>  That's my thinking at the moment.
>  Caron

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