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Re: Theos-World German Forced Labor

Aug 20, 2006 06:36 PM
by Cass Silva

Sorry to say it Frank, but you have been brainwashed if you accept this nonsense.


Frank Reitemeyer <> wrote:                                  
 Although "Judea declared War On Germany" in the then biggest daily "The Daily Express" on Friday, March 24th, 1933, , this declaration of war was repeated several times duirng the 1930'ies, Germany continued her altruistic peace suggestions. Remember, that Germany in the League of Nations - which like the UN were founded to destroy Germany (not to wipe out any of her leaders) - as the first and only nation has had uniliterally disarmed completely and suggested over years that the other nations would follow step by step. But instead of disarment the other bigger nations as GB, France, Russia, USA rearmed to unknown height, so Germany was forced to leave the League of Nations (I believe in 1927).
 After AH's more or less peaceful revolution in January 1933 the new leader continued the old policy of making altrustic peace and disarment suggestions for two years, but they were all blowing in the wind and Germany received serious war threads, besides the fact that the artificial state of Poland on old German territory ousted, persecuted, discriminated, tortured, rounded up, murdered and raped with teh Germans with the silent consent of the Polish top level officials since 1918, so that up to 1933 two million East Germans in East Prussia and Silesia have been murded.
 Although WWI never ended in 1918 for Germany - after Samuel Untemeyer's and US President trick of a "just peace" - AH did not jail the Jews from 1933 to 1939 as POW, although would have done so according to public international law (BTW, that does not that no Jews were persecuted from 1933-1939 - they were - but they were only moved to concentration camps to work when they were criminals, in most cases murders and Marxists ready to red revolution, but not because they were jewish). Only in 1939, after England had declared war on Germany, the Jews were moved to concentration camps as POW. This also is congruent with public international law. The other WW parties, including USA, moved citizens of the opposing war party, to their concentration camps. In USA, Germans and Japanese were rounded up. 
 Germany had paid the forced workers (many workers came also by free will as they received income, bred, health care and health insurance and pension from Germany), but as far as I know the other nation did it not.
 Zionists and Pharisees ("I want to tell you something very clear: Don't worry about American pressure on Israel. We, the Jewish people, control America, and the Americans know it." - Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, are giving misleading and twisted and even false information of the camps, which had theaters, opera houses, football field, swimming pool, bowling alley, brothel, own currency and postal office.
 Here are some interesting air photos:
 Any truth searcher will have much to discover on these photos!
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 Subject: Theos-World German Forced Labor
 Friends, check out this web site. The German people have and are continuing 
 to make reparation for their crimes against humanity.
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