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Re: Theos-World Great info Frank. - "Nihilists"   Re: Bestseller Author Excoriates Israel

Aug 20, 2006 11:43 AM
by leonmaurer

Info that consists of out of context misquotes, fake quotes and quotes by 
questionable or prejudiced authority's, and that reeks, as well, of Nazi 
propaganda techniques -- are "Great" only for the fellow travelers, worshippers of 
Adolph Hitler, and/or disciples of his Dugpa "handlers" along with other Neo 
Nazis who believe they are the "Master Race" and the saviors of the world.   

Theosophy teaches that there are good and evil actions within any race, 
nationality, political, religious or ethnic group -- whose degree of application is 
based solely on individual motive behind such action.   it also teaches that 
no one has the right to judge others until he has walked in their shoes, and 
has first judged himself.   So, it becomes a direct violation of those 
theosphical principles to paint any such group as a whole with the same broad brush 
that labels each of them as having only one aspect, degree, or characteristic of 
good or evil.    

How theosophy can be so misinterpreted and used for such purposes by 
professed theosophists, in direct contradiction of its principles, is beyond 
comprehension... And constitutes sufficient evidence that the promulgators of such 
hateful garbage are liars and frauds -- who are knowledgeable of the occult tricks 
of "implying the lie by telling the [partial or half] truth."   

Accordingly, as HPB pointed out -- many who are not vigilant and ignorant of 
these methods can be hypnotized or glamorized into believing and following 
others who are adept at such practices of black magic.   

Therefore, It behooves us all to think carefully and ask questions as well as 
search for answers when reading such self evident and blatantly faulty 
generalizations -- so as to separate the facts from the fantasies and the truths 
from the falsehoods.

Be ever vigilant as the Buddha advised... Dugpas or false theosophists are 
infiltrated everywhere in every group, and use whatever opportunity they can to 
create dissent and confusion among serious seekers of fundamental truth, 
harmony between all sentient beings, and "Universal Brotherhood" among all of 


In a message dated 8/12/06 10:02:43 PM, writes:

> Great info Frank! 
> I could not help but notice the mention of "Nihilists" in (7) and that
> reminded me of the WW3 letters - which were supposedly written by
> Albert Pike to Mazzeni.  My research leads me to believe that these
> letters were most likey not written by Albert Pike but are the letters
> in fact a fake, in your opinion?  I would love to hear your thoughts
> on this and on my burning questions (I posted in another thread) also,
> as I believe they reflected concerns of many people today.
> Blessings,
> Logos_student  
> --- In, "Frank Reitemeyer"
> <ringding777@...> wrote:
> >
> > Norwegian bestseller author Jostein Gaarder (Sophie's World, an
> easy-to-understand overview of Philosophy, close to the theosophical
> point of view) speaks out what the silent majority thinks about Israel.
> >
> > His position on the Jews - the same position every great thinker and
> poet had: from Shakespeare, Paracelsus, Böhme, Leibniz, Kant, Goethe,
> Schiller, Fichte, Schelling, Mozart, Wagner, Pushkin, Carlyle,
> Chamberlain, Blavatsky, Steiner - is also close to the theosophical
> point of view, for Gaarder says:
> >
> > 1. "We do not believe in the notion of God's chosen people. We laugh
> at this people's fancies and weep over its misdeeds. To act as God's
> chosen people is not only stupid and arrogant, but a crime against
> humanity. We call it racism."
> > - Jostein Gaarder,
> >
> > 2. "But the long-pent-up torrent has now diverged into two
> streams-Eastern Occultism and the Jewish Kabalah; the traditions of
> the Wisdom-Religion of the races that preceded the Adam of the "Fall";
> and the system of the ancient Levites of Israel, who most ingeniously
> veiled a portion of that religion of the Pantheists under the mask of
> monotheism.
> >
> > Unfortunately many are called but few chosen. The two systems
> threaten the world of the mystics with a speedy conflict, which,
> instead of increasing the spread of the One universal Truth, will
> necessarily only weaken and impede its progress."
> >
> > - Blavatsky: Collected Writings, vol. VII:253
> >
> >
> >
> > 3. "Zionism is regarded as a danger... the accounts of butchery of
> the inhabitants, of intolerance, and of rushless destruction of cities."
> >
> > - Talbot Mundy, "The Lama's law",  Ohio, Isis Books 1995, p. 6
> >
> >
> >
> > 4. "Hence the modern warriors who achieve such feats (with the
> modern improvement occassionally, of shooting their enemies out of the
> mouths of big guns) walk, most undeniably, "in the ways" of the Lord
> of the Jews, but never in the ways of Christ."
> >
> > - B:CW VIII:263
> >
> > 
> > Theosophy rejects also the Rothschild conspiracy (B:CW III:164,
> III:207, II:105) of terror, socialism, nihilism, communism,
> internationalism, Freemasonic World Republic, globalism, League of
> Nations, United Nations etc. and their "would-be benefactors" (HPB,
> B:CW VII:159):
> > 
> > 5. "Theories of internationalism, being based on local point of
> view, can accomplish no more than to reduce all nations to one
> dead-level of suppression, leading ultimately to explosion more
> terrific than the outbursts of Vesuvius - matter seeking to imprison
> force.
> > It is the Universal Law that makes possible the playing of
> Beethoven's magic compositions by orchestra of a hundred pieces. To
> compel the first and second violins to use their bows simultaneausly,
> would accomplish a result as futile in degree, and in its way, as any
> effort to bind the nations in one man-governed league. It is enough,
> and difficult enough, that nations should govern themselves; and they
> will never attain harmony by all striving to be the first violins.
> Order is attained by listening, self-government, and work; and not by
> listening to the next piece in the orchestra but to the universal
> symphony."
> >
> > - Talbot Mundy: "Universal", The Theosophical Path, January 1924,
> Reprint: "The Lama's Law. Talbot Mundy in 'The Theosophical Path'",
> Ohio, Isis Books 1995, pp. 41-42.
> > 
> > 6. "Surely it is not the living Mahatmas but "the Biblical one
> living God," he who, thousands of years ago, had inspired Jephthah to
> murder his daughter, and the weak David to hang the seven sons and
> grandsons of Saul "in the hill before the Lord"; and who again in our
> own age had moved Guiteau to shoot President Garfield that must have
> also inspired Danton and Robespierre, Marat and the Russian Nihilists
> to open eras of Terror and turn Churches into slaughter-houses."

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