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Morality, Religion and Politics: Dugpas and the War in Lebanon

Aug 20, 2006 10:44 AM
by Robert Bruce MacDonald


A few thoughts on the discussion of the last few weeks.

Whereas HPB did not talk on politics and went out of her way to avoid it, she did speak on occassion on the morality of certain national or international incidents.

Earlier, I thought it would be instructive to look at dugpas, who they were and how they operated. From a study of theosophy it becomes clear that 95% of humanity does not bother thinking for themselves, they are followers. They are also the younger brothers of the 5% who have awakened. Now, whether they be Moslem, Jew, Hindu, Christian, etc., they simply follow the principles and guidance of their religious and political leaders. The dugpa, like the White Brother, does not want to incur Karma for his actions. He wants the rest of humanity to voluntarily hand over their rights (their will) to him so that he can act on their behalf for his own selfish gains. Democracy's lend themselves very well for this type of handing over of power. In the West one's education, health, access to the resources of the land, access to new technologies, etc. have all been handed over to governments in the interest of profit and power for the special few.

As theosophists and as moral human beings we have to keep our eye on what is moral; the political and the religious are distractions. In the video Cass linked, the one aspect of truth that came through is that this interpretation of Islam put forward by some mullahs where the faithful are instructed to convert the rest of humanity by the sword if necessary, is immoral. The Christian materialization of the Christos is immoral as they can now blame the Jews for the death of Christ and it justifies them doing all sorts of evil in trying to convert humanity to Christianity in order to save their souls. The Jewish materialization of the symbols of Jeruselam and Israel have given rise to Zionism and the evil injustices perpetrated upon the peoples of the Middle East for over 50 years. The 95% have to be awakened to the evils of religions, this cannot go on.

The destruction of Lebanon was a moral crime that resulted in the mass murder of far too many Lebanese. Soldiers fighting with soldiers is war. Soldiers targeting and killing unarmed civilians is murder. It is immoral. Whether Israeli or Lebanese, the civilian population should not have been involved in this.

Anyone who is distracted by any of the propoganda coming out of this conflict needs to give their head a shake. Wars today are not fought on principle, they are fought with the objective of setting up the next war. If anyone thinks that the sick minds behind this war did not obtain their objectives, they are sadly mistaken. The few who were in the know on both sides got exactly what they wanted. The only people who lost were the civilians.

The civilians should be the people who are championed by theosophists, not the temporary churches of Christianity, Islam, Judaism, etc. These will be gone before too long. Similarly, the states of Israel, Lebanon, and the rest, they will not last forever. They too will pass. Surely, this is a truth that theosophists understand?

Logos is concerned about unmasking these Illuminati. Why? What does it matter who they are? There will always be dugpas. Our goal is not to destroy them, our goal is to work to help lift humanity so that it no longer falls prey to these types of minds. The problem with researching shadows is that there is much more disinformation than there is accurate information. Even if there is a Sabatean or Frankist faction among the Jews working with the Vatican and others, intent on destroying all Jews, who would believe it? The best and surest way of waking people is to point to the immoral acts done in the name of the state or in the name of religion. Most people have a sense of morality that transcends their beliefs. It is to that which we have to appeal. Many Jews and Lebanese are questioning the latest war, stear the discussion towards the moral rather than which side is right or wrong. There is so much disinformation out there, the worst of it propogated on the nightly news, that everyone is going to have a different understanding of history. Frank and Carlos have very different understandings of history. Both are responding according to their understanding and integrity with the hope of making things better. Neither is going to be re-eductated historically; but if they wanted, I think they could come to an agreement at a moral level. If Christian, Jew, Hindu, and Moslem understood they are all one in spirit, if they learned to trust one another, conflict would be reduced significantly. People have to learn to act morally rather than continue to rely on the political or religious excuse for bad behavior.


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